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Junior Road Safety Officers



Hi, we are the JRSO’S (Junior Road Safety Officers).

It’s our job to teach children at Jubilee how to keep safe when they are crossing the roads.


With Mr Parara, we attended training at the Bexley Civil Halls, with all the other JRSO’S from the borough. Throughout the day we were given lots of useful information to help us do our new role effectively. We were also given workbooks to complete with a test at the end, which we needed to past to become a JRSO.


Over the past year we:


  • Completed Scooter School for Reception.

  • Went in to Nursery and KS1 classes to give ideas how to cross safely (ALWAYS HOLD AN ADULT'S HAND).

  • Were also given the opportunity to do school assemblies.

  • Planned a trip to the Copper Box at the Olympic Village in Stratford so our football teams (boys and girls!) could attend the London Futsal (Brazilian style football) Tournament. And yes...the girls won and the boys were runners-up! Huge congratulations to all!