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Meet our Online Safety Ambassadors

Welcome to our New Online Safety Committee 2015-2016.

Chair – Caleb

Vice Chair – Ayoyimika


To keep the pupils of Jubilee Primary school safe; when they go on the internet.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To launch a competition at the start of September 2015 to see who can design a logo and strap line, for the online safety committee (Online Inc.).

  • Arrange themed e-safety assemblies once every half term.

  • Conduct a cyber-bullying assembly during Anti-Bullying week.

  • To organise a special assembly on Safer Internet Day (SID) in February.

  • Manage and monitor a ‘Good Digital Deed Box’ which celebrates the good deeds children have taken part in, which are associated with the internet

  • Run an online safety club after school.

  • Monitor the online safety displays in the classroom and ICT suite i.e. ensure that the SMART rules are on display.

  • Take part in online safety parent workshops.

  • Once a term, they need to consult the views of all children and see if there are any concerns or issues they need to be aware of.

  • Help the online safety coordinator identify any areas of concern on social media, which may need to be mentioned in the termly online safety newsletter.

  • Meet with the online safety governor termly, to update him/her with information regarding online safety in the school.


Our New E-Safety Ambassadors

My name is Annabelle and I am 9 years old. I really love reading but in my spare time I normally cook or go to swimming lessons. It is really important to be safe online because if you are messing about things can go wrong! If you use online games such as movie star planet you may think someone is what they say they are but they’re not! So next time you are on the internet Think before you click!

My name is Ayoyimika and I’m nine years old. I enjoy playing football with my friends and my favourite footballer is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. My role as e-safety ambassador is to make sure that people are safe on the internet.

My name is Caleb; I am in year 5, soon to be in year 6. I come from Ghana/England. My favourite thing is to play football and play games. My favourite subject is English. I think I will be a good e-safety ambassador because my ideas will change how people behave on the internet.  My role is to keep people safe, educate children not to talk to people they don’t know and prevent cyber bullying.

My name is Christabel. I am in Year 3 but I’m soon going to be in Year 4. I wanted to be an e–safety ambassador because everyone has to stay safe while they’re online or on the internet. I love mathematics but in my spare time I like to practise drawing book covers.