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Money Week Debate

As part of 'Money Week' year 5 debated whether it is value for money to travel to space. We learnt about Tim Peake and Stephen Hawking and their views on space travel, this formed part of our argument. Take a look at one of our debates below. What do you think?

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As part of their science topic ‘Earth and Space’, year 5 went to the Science Museum in London. They had a great time.  Read below some of their comments and take a look at some of the pictures they took whilst they were there.

I enjoyed the space section and a fun fact was if you weighed 250lbs on Earth, in space you would weigh 76lbs.

Celia year 5 Miss Phelps

I learnt which planets would most probably have life.

Jeremiah year 5 Miss Phelps

I liked the space man in his suite outside his spaceship.

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In Miss Phelps’ class, as part of our wheel topic ‘Cycle of Life’, we learnt about the charity Water Aid. We invited a guest speak from Water Aid to come in and visit us, in order to help us understand the importance of their charity.

We learnt about the role of Water Aid, how they help children and adults in Africa and the difference between sanitation in the UK and Africa. Our learning culminated in us writing poems about hygiene and sanitation, which we sent to Water Aid for them to look at. They were so proud of our work, they wrote us a letter congratulating us and sent us a certificate and pencil each.

Well done year 5! Great work!

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