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Recycle with Michael

A fun new way of recycling whilst raising money for your school and The Salvation Army.

Jubilee Primary School has teamed up with Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) to participate in its dedicated scheme for schools, Recycle With Michael. The scheme is designed to be fun and informative for primary school aged children. SATCoL provide a colourful clothing bank (which you may have already seen on the school playground) featuring Michael, as well as a supply of branded bags for your child to take home and fill up with their donations. All you need to do is help your child fill them and then bring them back to school, pop them in the bank and we’ll do the rest. If you need any more bags, please ask in reception.

When the bank is full, SATCoL local collectors will come to empty it and provide us with feedback on the weight of donations received. The school will then be rewarded with an amount of money dependent on the weight of donations as a thank you from SATCoL. This can then be spent on new school equipment!

The textiles they receive will be reused or recycled wherever possible, with profit from the sale of the donations being gift-aided to The Salvation Army.