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Year 3 - Tokyo Class

Summer Term Topic - Rockin' All Over The World

Welcome to Tokyo Class

Spring Term 2


We finished this term with some good news! One of our students won the Easter Bonnet competition with her beautiful creation. As a class, we had a splendid amount of bonnets on parade and everyone looked very beautiful.

This term, we performed our class assembly. We decided to use Tokyo as a theme and incorporated some mindfulness practice on stage for the school and our family. We have practised mindfulness some mornings as part of our studies – much like in Japan.

In maths, we have learned more about telling the time – and are working towards being able to read the time with precision accuracy: to the nearest minute!

We also designed our own science experiment to find out what things affect the growth of a plant. We found out the amount of light, water, soil and air all impact on the development of a plant by growing our own grass!

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Spring Term 1


This term we have been reading a book called Krindlekrax. It is a great story about becoming a hero.

In Tokyo class, each of us are becoming heroes – step by step. We have been playing listening games and managing our anger much more effectively. As a group we have focussed a lot this term on coming together and found interesting ways to express our friendship toward one another.

In science, we have been looking at magnets and when and how they attract or repel one another – along with discovering what a force actually is.

We have been learning to play the recorder as an entire ensemble! 28 children. 28 recorders. One big sound. We do love making music.


Autumn Term


So far this year, we’ve already completed some really exciting learning.

We’ve read the Firework Maker’s Daughter, acted out scenes from the book and made some 3D maps that traced the journey of the central character. During science, we have learned how light changes direction and can cast a shadow – we even created a light box and performed our own puppet adventure.




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We’ve also created silhouettes and made poems about firework displays.

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