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Year 5 - Athens Class

Spring Term Topic - Circle of Life

Welcome to Athens Class

English / Drama

English / Drama 1


Lots of fun taking part in role play during English. The children recreated the key characters from one of the books they had studied during the term.

Maths - Number Work

Maths - Number Work 1
Maths - Number Work 2


Athens Children enjoyed working with number during Maths.

Musical Ensembles

Musical Ensembles 1
Musical Ensembles 2


During Music Athens Children where learning how to play the Glockenspiel as part of their class ensemble.


Geography  1
Geography  2


Athens Children were practicing how to read maps.

A very enthusiastic child showing off his Geography project about Volcanoes.

P.E. - Cricket

P.E. - Cricket 1
P.E. - Cricket 2
P.E. - Cricket 3
P.E. - Cricket 4
P.E. - Cricket 5
P.E. - Cricket 6


This term the children at Athens Class were learning how to play Cricket.


Spring Term 2


Athens children are busy exploring volume as they building geometric shapes during Maths.

Picture 1
Athens children visited the local Library for a special meeting with Margaret Bateson-Hill, the author or ‘Masha and the Fire Bird’: A frictional story book, which they have been studying throughout the term
Picture 1

During English lesson the children in Athens class role played as journalists, interviewing each other for a news article.

Picture 1

During drama children in Athens class when into character as they re-enacted a tragedy scene.

Picture 1

Athens children working as a team on a Maths challenge.

Picture 1

Athens children are measuring the ingredients for their healing medicine.

Picture 1

Spring Term 1


During Maths, Athens children explored fun ways to learn fractions through playing maths games.

Picture 1
Picture 2

In Art children were busy exploring and creating abstract art.

Picture 1

Children are developing their team building skills through PE.

Picture 1
Picture 2

In English, children practiced being journalists for the day; they successfully researched, interviewed, wrote and recorded broadcast news reports.

Picture 1

Autumn Term


Some of the children from Athens class acting out a scene from Percy Jackson.

Picture 1

Students from Athens’ class have a lot to be proud of as they show off their maths achievements.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Poetry recital for the KS2 ‘Smelly Poem Competition’.

Picture 1