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Creative Writing Project

Over the first half of the spring term, every child in Jubilee took part in our 'Creative Writing Project'. The project was extremely successful and we saw excellent progress in the following areas:
  • idea generation and creativity;
  • story structure and cohesion; 
  • developing and using a wide range of vocabulary; 
  • making links between what they read and experience with their written outcomes;
  • awareness of audience and purpose;
  • using a range of punctuation and grammatical structures;
  • writing legibly and fluently;
  • editing and refining their work to make improvements.
We are incredibly proud of all the children and the progress they have made with their writing.
From the Creative Writing Project, two winners were picked from each class: a child who had written the best story and a child who had made the most progress with their story writing. Here are our winners: