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Queen's Jubilee Celebration

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2019-20 Lockdown 1

We're proud to showcase some of the superb work that children have been completing as part of their home learning projects.

Sydney Class Science Experiments:
As you can see the children in Sydney Class have been busy recently, experimenting with rainbows. Well done to Alexandra, Vanya and King! Some sweets were arranged in a pattern around the plate in order to achieve the rainbow effect. The shells of coloured sweets are made from sugar. When sugar is put in warm water, it dissolves. As the colours meet, they mix, creating different colours. I wonder if you can work out how Vanya created his rainbow?

Character Building


Poppy and Rhea have been following the Oak Academy lessons to create super heroes and super villains.

They have also been busy researching and creating a fact file about a real historical character: Queen Elizabeth I.

Lois from HELSINKI Class has hatched some chicks!

Does an orange float or sink? - From Atlanta class

Valentine in Rio class has worked extremely hard over the past week and here are some photos of her finished work. Very well done Valentine! We are very proud of you.
News from Tokyo
Rhea has used Word Art to create some images based on this term's Key for Life:
Samuel has shared some of the work he has completed inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Did anything strange happen to you on that magical night?
Rhea certainly had a strange dream that night! Luckily, like Titania's, it had a happy ending.

Poetry collection! - Atlanta class

Volcanic creativity! - Atlanta class

ATLANTA'S GOT TALENT!!! Check out the collection of creativities from Atlanta class!!! The children are committed to saving the Earth planet, by reusing materials to make new products.

Children from Atlanta class working really hard to depict their learning from the foundation subjects.

Alexandra, from Sydney Class, continues to demonstrate great commitment to her home learning and has sent us a home video of her working on her touch typing skills, using the Dance-mat programme. As we know, great keyboard skills will help us throughout the curriculum in a variety of different subjects. It will also help us to express our ideas clearly, concisely and quickly.We have no doubt that Alexandra will perfect this skill due to her consistent efforts. Well done Alexandra, we also loved to see you receiving your Home Learning Award!  

Alexandra on Dance-mat

Still image for this video

Christian's extra curricular home activity challenge from Atlanta class.



Tinu's ice overflow experiment.mp4

Still image for this video
Tinu's (Atlanta class) scientific explanation: Even though the ice cube melted, the water doesn’t overflow. When the ice cube melts, the level of the water stays about the same.
Jared from Tokyo has been working hard across all areas this week. Here are some examples of his maths, English and history work. He has earned a Home Learning certificate. Could you earn one by sending in some work for the Gallery?
Sew beautiful

As part of year 3's cross-curricular work on Kings and Queens, we have been looking at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We known so much about this battle because of  the Bayeux Tapestry, a massive piece of embroidery that tells the story. We have begun practising our needlework skills and Poppy has stitched the letter M neatly onto some fabric. Rhea has also embroidered her initial onto a handkerchief. Well done Poppy and Rhea!

Sarah, from Sydney Class has been researching facts about Vincent Van Gogh. She has found out some information on him, as well as drawn her own representation of Vincent's Starry Night. As you can see Vincent's starry sky takes up three quarters of his painting and is the focal point of his work. It demonstrated a place of calm for him at a time of personal difficulty. Good work Sarah!
Alexandra from Sydney Class has been incredibly busy measuring different items in her house, as part of her Maths learning. She has managed to record her answers and investigate her thinking. All of this has helped her to develop her problem-solving skills, as well as showing how much fun practical learning is. Well done Alexandra!

Rhea and Poppy have created some poetry inspired by Roger McGough's poem "The Sound Collector".

What a strange world a silent world would be!

Tinu's mind-blowing science experiment on gravity free water. Well done Tinu..mp4

Still image for this video
Reka's incredible science experiment on density. Well doneyes
Wow...what a creativity! A grassland created by Reka. Well done girlyes
Lewis and Sasha have completed our Year 6 DT activity pack to produce very cool lava lamps! Don't they look awesome?
Olivia the amazing scientist.
Jeffrey's amazing poster for the NHS.
Olivia's factfile on Edward Jenner.
Dissolving Solids:
King, from Sydney Class has been busy experimenting in Science. As you can see he has chosen a variety of solids to add to water, investigating which will dissolve ( be incorporated into a solution.) In addition to this he altered the state of the water from cold to hot to see if this made any difference. It seems that King was very thorough in his experimentation and looked as though he really enjoyed coming to his conclusions. He wrote up his results which are displayed below. Amazing effort King, keep the great work coming!
Good Vibrations
You could find out an awful lot about sound, vibrations and musical instruments by reading this really thorough investigation and report by Rhea.
Here is some more of Sophie's maths and science. She is working hard.
YEAHyes We designed our own t-shirts. Thanks Ms Jobsonsmiley
Poppy has been writing instructions for a robot that will clean-out your pet's cage. I wish I'd had one of those to clean out my guinea-pigs when I was younger!
Sophie has sent us pictures of her story work.
Wow... Look at that! Key workers' children building Marshmallow Toothpicks Towers - future Engineers yes
Today we made cookies with the key workers' children.
Jayden, from Sydney Class and his sister have followed a recipe to make some delicious cookies. As you can see he has used his mathematical skills to weigh and measure the quantities he needs, as well as use his D.T. skills to mix and combine the ingredients, along with rolling and cutting the dough. The end product looks great; hope they taste as good as they look!!  

VE Day celebrations


We know lots of you celebrated VE Day last week in lots of different ways. Here are Sasha and Rhea celebrating on their balcony. They had ham and lemon curd sandwiches (not together!) and made some cakes using wartime recipes. They also listened to songs from the 1940s on the wireless (That's what people used to call the radio). 



Sophie has sent in some more of the writing and maths work she is completing at home. She will be receiving a Home Learning certificate soon.
Pizza Making
The children attending school had a wonderful day designing, making and baking their very own pizzas this week! Creative toppings and crispy crusts resulted in big smiles and a delicious meal.
VE Day - Artwork
Lana from year 3 Beijing class has put together this lovely piece for VE day. I like how the bunting incorporates the fact it's the 75th anniversary since the end of the second world war. A very minimalist and striking design - great work!
VE Day - Tommy In The Window
Poppy and Rhea from Tokyo Class have designed their own Tommy In The Window posters to display in their windows on VE Day. It is really important that we remember all the people in the armed forces and civilians who worked together to bring the Second World War to an end.
Tower of Liquid
Rhea and Poppy from Tokyo class have both had great fun making a density tower of liquids like honey, washing up liquid, vegetable oil and milk. The liquids do not mix because they have different densities. A great labelled diagram from Rhea, too.
Sophie from Tokyo Class has sent us some more examples of her home learning. Those cheesy puff starfish look delicious!!

Year 6 were set the task of describing an animal using the online resources from Wildwood Park in Kent. Finley has researched and provided detailed information about the 'Red Deer'. Please feel free read the wonderful description, which includes a range of skills acquired during the year.

As you know it is the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day this Friday, 8th May. With this in mind some of Sydney Class have sent in their work on World War II and V.E. Day. King has written up some geographical information and some general points relevant to S.M.S.C.

Alexandra has designed a medal for a war-hero from that particular campaign. Well done King and Alexandra! Hopefully everyone will remember the significance of the day on Friday.

Rhea from Tokyo Class has been really busy completing her writing in a range of genres; a fairy tale, a film review, an autobiography and a weather report! Well done Rhea! Keep up the good work!
Sophie from Tokyo has been busy as well. Here are some examples of the work she has done. Well done Sophie!
As you can see Lucy from Sydney Class has been very busy designing and making her own amazing castle, complete with the battlements and drawbridge. We are so impressed, keep up your hard work!

Artificial Heart


Below are some images of an artificial heart made by Chris in HELSINKI!

Homemade Pizza Recipe


Lily from year 4 Munich class has given us all some inspiration for the kitchen with this delicious looking homemade pizza! It's simple to make and looks very yummy. We can't wait to try baking our own version.


1. Ready rolled puff pastry divided in to two.
2. Cover with tomato paste leaving an edge all the way round.
3. Place grated cheese and toppings.
4. Bake for 7 mins on 200 degrees.
Year 1 children have been busy labelling their favourite toy. I can see why this is Fred's favourite toy and he has done a brilliant job of the labelling, whilst having a cuddle at the same time.
Images of the Seaside

In art, Year 1 have been thinking about images that come into their mind when they think of the seaside. This is Beatricia's thoughts of the seaside, with lovely seaside colours. It made me dream of a time when we can visit the seaside again, feel the sand in our toes and listen to the sound of the waves splashing on the shore.

Canopic Jars 

Rhea from Tokyo and Sasha from Montreal have been working together to create some canopic jars as part of their home learning. Don't know what they are? Rhea's report is full of detail and explains exactly what they are and how to make your own. There are more photos of the process too!

I think if I had to have my insides put inside a jar, these are the ones I would choose! wink

And here's Poppy's jar. Look at the detail she has managed to do on the face of the falcon god.
Family Portraits
One of the activities we set year 3 was to make a family portrait. We looked at examples of painting from the past for inspiration. I love the way Rhea's family are crowding into this portrait, almost fighting (in a good way) to make sure they are included! The whole picture is full of joy and positivity - it fills the frame and bursts into life! Amazing art work!
Alexandra in Sydney Class has been very busy creating a poster in English/history to show facts she has found out about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale. Well done Alexandra, lots of interesting information and it is very colourful too!

Daisy in Melbourne Class has been working extremely at home. Well done Daisy this is a  fantastic effort! You are a superstar!

Science Bug Hotel

Here is a completed 'Bug Hotel' made by Katie in Helsinki! She has used lots of natural materials and also some recycled household objects. I particularly like the different levels and I'm sure that it has attracted more than a few visitors over recent days.

Easter Cornflake Cake Recipe

Rhea, from year 3 Tokyo class, has done an amazing job putting together a delicious recipe to use up Easter eggs!

Jayden's Weeping Willow inspired by Monet

Musical Instrument Construction

Lewis shows us that musical instruments can be made using recyclable materials at home during the lock-down. I hope his family are enjoying the noise!

Aleyna in year 5 has been working very hard especially to protect the NHS. She also made a brilliant birthday cake for her mother. I love the detail she used when drawing her pictures.


On Friday 14th December all across the UK people wore their Christmas jumpers to help raise awareness and money towards the amazing charity 'Save the Children'. Here at Jubilee we all put on our Christmas jumpers to help this worthy cause. See if you can spot yourself in some of the  pictures below!

Jubilee Celebrates The Queen's 90th Birthday