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Nursery - Paris Class

It's September 2021.

Welcome to Our Amazing New-starters!!!

We are very pleased to have now met and welcomed your wonderful children to our busy nursery, known as Paris Class! Be reassured that the settling process has gone well so far and we will continue to work with you all to ensure this continues. Naturally, we will always call you should it be necessary. Your children will be immersed in all seven areas of the Early Learning Curriculum, exploring inside and out. Obviously, we will be constantly supporting communication and language throughout everything that we do. There will be constant conversations to encourage this, as well as questioning to help solve practical problems whilst at play. It would be amazing if you could continue to support this language development at home by making your homes rich with clear, well modelled dialogue. Your child should show a marked progression as they continue with us. Everyday is different but fun! Please find the attached documents to help explain more about our Early Years Curriculum. We will of course update you with more details when necessary. Thank you for your support!

Mrs Tikare

Summer Term 2.

Well, this has been another rewarding and exciting term, on our learning journey! We have enjoyed Pirate Day, Silly Science, taken part in our sponsored athletics event with a World Champion hurdler, competed in Sports Day, Silly Hair and Dressing Up Day. As you know, we will of course be celebrating the last day of term with a party on Monday 19th July. Please try to keep the knowledge the children have as current as possible over the holidays, this will help them to make a smooth transition into their new classes in September. Keep counting, adding, taking away, taking about shapes, spotting patterns, make letter sounds, try to blend them together- this will be great fun, keep them entertained and keep them fresh for the new academic year. It is also a fantastic opportunity to work on all the intricate skills like dressing for school, toileting, doing up zips and buttons on coats, making sure they can access water bottles, can they hold a pencil and child-friendly scissors? You would be surprised what a massive difference this can make to a child beginning full-time school. In spite of some of the difficulties this year has presented us all with everyone, especially all of the children have coped exceptionally well. It has been a delight to teach them this year. We wish them every future success and look forward to seeing how those who are staying with us progress! Have a happy, healthy, safe, well-earned break. Please enjoy the final selection of photos from this very busy term!

Please find the attached letter regarding our final day of school and our class party:

Summer Term 2-Topic Brainstorm-What your child will be learning!

Summer One- Pesky Pirates and Perfect Princesses

This half term we have continued to be just as busy as we were before Easter! We have been immersed in our topic, Pesky Pirates and Perfect Princesses. This was great fun as we looked at a variety of fantastic, imaginative books, some traditional and some with a modern twist on things. Along with learning that traditional books have a certain style, we have found out about rhyming books, alliteration, verbs, prepositions and much more. It also taught us that traditional gender roles do not need to stay the same. Maths has continued to be a variety of number work, as well as problem solving, measuring, number matching, counting, less than and more than a number and much more. Along with all this, we took the opportunity to talk about the dangers of too much plastic in the oceans. We asked the children to work out how to solve this problem. They came up with some very interesting solutions. As ever, we thank you for working with us to ensure that your child gets the upmost from their nursery experience. In preparation for the imminent transition to the Reception Class, please try to ensure that your child is becoming as independent as possible in dressing, putting on shoes, zipping up coats, pulling clothes up and down to go to the toilet, expressing their needs as coherently as possible. All this will help them to settle in to Reception as smoothly as possible when the time comes. We have thoroughly enjoyed this half term with your amazing children. We look forward to Monday 7th of June when we return from the holidays to enjoy Pirate Day! Please allow your child to dress in appropriate pirate attire. We want pesky pirates but no weapons please!! Have a restful and enjoyable break.

Captain Sir Tom's 100 Sponsored Event!!

Well done Paris Class for such great efforts to join in our special sponsored challenge!! Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this, as well as an enormous thumbs up to your fantastic children. The children enjoyed walking or running 100 metres. They attempted to count their steps as they went. Everyone was rather tired after all that exercise. 

Spring Term Coming to a Close!

It has been fantastic to see all of the children in Paris Class back to school and happily learning in our nursery. The children have shown that they have been incredibly resilient, eager to come back to engage with our learning on 'Marvellous Minibeasts and Staying Alive.' You have our admiration for the foundations you provide them with everyday. In school, they have continued to enjoy learning across the curriculum both inside and outside. In maths the children have continued to cement their knowledge in number work, symmetry, measuring and comparing along with recognising that subtraction is the opposite of addition. We continue to read a variety of texts in Literacy, as well as sing songs, recite nursery rhymes, share conversations generally. In addition to this we continue to monitor phonological progress using our Read, Write Inc scheme of work. As you know, using the letter sounds will really assist your children in the process of beginning to read. Any additional support you can give your child will benefit them greatly. We will continue to make sure that well-being is top of our agenda, discussing thoughts, feelings and emotions and trying to empathise with others. 

As ever we love to see when children achieve something significant in their development, things that we take for granted like putting on their own coats and zipping them up are important to us. We have a Make Me Proud Board in nursery where we highlight these significant steps. If there is anything which your child has achieved at home please let us know and we can shower them with praise and display it on our board! yessmiley The final week of term is dedicated to understanding how Christians celebrate Easter, as well as finishing our look at minibeasts. Next half term the children will move on to the fun topic of 'Pesky Pirates and Perfect Princesses!' This will provide an entertaining and thought-provoking look at the traditional stories associated with pirates and princesses. We will also look at some stories which will encourage the children to believe that anyone can do anything, challenging stereotypical ideas of strength and gender assigned roles. There will also be stories from a range of different cultures. As ever, there will be lots of role-play, conversation, singing, messy play, activities to develop muscles for fine and gross motor skills. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe Easter break; this has undoubtedly been a challenging time for all, but hopefully we all look forward to a more settled period of time ahead. Thank you for working with us through the most recent period of lockdown; the love and support you continue to give your child can never be underestimated. Thank you for entrusting them to us, we continue to enjoy every minute with them! 

We Can't Wait for Your Return!!

Hi Everyone!

I am sure that by now you are fully up to speed with the fact that all of your wonderful children will be returning on Monday 8th March. We are really excited at the prospect of having the children back to school. As you know from the remote learning on Google Classroom and from our Spring 2 Topic Brainstorm, we will continue to learn about Marvellous Minibeasts and Staying Alive. This, like all our learning will encourage the use of both the inside and outside areas. With all this in mind, please can you check that your child has welly boots in school that still fit them, as well as a bag of spare clothes ready to bring in with them. Of course there will still be days they need a heavy coat as it can still be cold; some other days it might just be a lighter rain jacket that is required. Spare clothes are very important to remember as we only have limited supplies in school. As ever we are grateful for any support that you can give your child in developing their ability to dress themselves, along with understanding how to use excellent personal hygiene. The remote learning will continue to be posted on the Google Classroom page for those who are unwell or quarantining due to Covid-19. Hopefully we will all remain in good health but if not please follow the guidance given about staying home and testing. Finally, please rest assured that your child will continue to enjoy a rewarding and enriching, educational journey when they return. They will soon get back to the usual routines; take some time over this week to reassure them that everything will be fine. We look forward to seeing you all soon! smileyyes

This Half term we have been......

.....having lots of fun and continuing with our learning journey! As you can imagine Paris Class continues to develop in all areas of the Early Learning Goals; whatever else has been going on in the world outside, Paris Class has enjoyed calm and business as normal! We have concentrated on understanding what it means to be Happy, Healthy and Safe in line with the Five Jubilee Keys for Life; which we have definitely achieved!! As you may know, our seven areas for development are as follows: Maths, Literacy, Communication and Language ( we have been taking a particular look at vocabulary throughout the school and we have a word of the week designed to extend their subject related vocabulary as far as possible,) Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Understanding of the World, Physical Development and Expressive Arts. We have explored many magical texts on the theme of Shooting Stars ( reinforcing that this has a dual meaning of what is above them in the sky and beyond, as well as aspiring to reach for the stars, achieving all the targets they may set for themselves,) which has led us nicely up to following the Christmas star, exploring what Christians believe. We have ensured that the children have had multiple opportunities to explore these goals through many different practical mediums, from delighting in all the messy play resources to developing their ICT skills, using the I-pads to explore educational programs. It is said that anyone needs to repeat something many times before they have confidently consigned it to their long-term memory. All of these areas are incredibly important for a child's development, and it is said that this is the time that most development happens compared to all the stages they will go through during their childhood. As you know it is as important, if not more so to encourage the development of a well-rounded, empathetic, tolerant, compassionate individual as much as it is to be able to engage in maths. Please use this as a time to fuel and feed their eager brains as far as you can. Obviously, we are incredibly proud of how much your children have developed since the beginning of their nursery experience in September. Their language skills and confidence in speaking in front of others has improved massively, though we still ask for you to constantly engage your child in meaningful, conversations at home, using the correct vocabulary as far as possible to talk about things. The new Topic Brainstorm sheet will be going up on here shortly, but could we give you a gentle reminder to continue working on key skills like putting on clothes ( including shoes and wellies,) including coats and zipping up, as independently as possible. Also it is essential to continue encouraging your child to use the toilet and wash their hands as independently as possible. It is always tempting to help your child as much as possible but it is important to talk them through whatever you are teaching them to do, while they're doing it. Can we take this opportunity to thank you for all your support in your child's learning journey and to remind you that class and homework is set on Google Classrooms every week. Please check this as we have posted links to our Read, Write, Inc Phonics. We hope you have a happy, healthy, safe Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing your amazing children back in 2021!

The End of an Amazing Autumn Term!

The past half term we have been busy learning! We have been making sure we keep ourselves safe by washing our hands frequently throughout the day, we ensure the children wash their hands each time they enter the classroom from the outside area and before eating as well as toileting. The children have been learning how to count and recognise the numbers and correct amount for each, we have been doing this through carpet time, games and games on the computer. We have been practising our phonic sounds and so far have learnt the sounds for M, S, A, D, F and L. Each week we have a new story book that we read to the children, we then ask them questions about the story and relate our work to that book. We ask them to predict what may happen and ask relevant questions to help develop their understanding and memory of the story. We have been making the most of the dry weather and using our outside space helping develop our physical skills, the children have been learning how to ride a bike or scooter and taking turns on the slide. We have also been doing some dancing and using dance ribbon wands, we have also been practising our throwing and catching using bean bags with targets and large balls outside. If your child does not have wellies or waterproof clothing can you please ensure they have them for this term as the grass will become muddy and the children enjoy jumping in puddles. 

We have been so impressed with how the children have settled into nursery life, learning how to take turns, share and use their manners. Their vocabulary and conversation skills have grown lots, please continue to read with your child and help develop these skills at home. 

Please remember to check google classroom weekly to see what the children will be learning in nursery 

Welcome to our Paris Nursery Class and Parents!

It has been our pleasure to welcome our lovely, new children into Paris Class this September. We are exceptionally proud of how well all of you are settling in to Jubilee Primary School and of course we look forward to sharing in your amazing learning journey. These past few weeks have really flown by but you have already managed to begin your English and Maths Curriculum, starting to count on and back in steps of 1 from 0, as well as immersing yourselves into our texts, 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear,' and this week 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear.' You will all receive a letter to inform you of our Read, Write Inc Phonics programme which we have embarked upon. Any extra encouragement you can give your wonderful children in learning their numbers and letter sounds will be much appreciated. Everyone has had great fun experiencing messy play using play dough, food products and water. As you can imagine the children have loved our nursery garden. All of these fun activities are enabling the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills; along with this they are also developing their speech and language skills. Please work with your child to enhance their vocabulary. This will be so important for all aspects of learning. If you have any concerns or need to speak to us please let us know. We look forward to working alongside you, with your wonderful children over this year!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Tikare and Miss Dishart.

Learning Through Play