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Nursery - Paris Class

Welcome to Paris Class, Jubilee Nursery!

Please find the next Topic Brainstorm below, for Autumn 2:

Shooting Stars and Christmas is Coming!


We were lucky enough to meet many of your children on Tuesday 20th July before the school holidays but have finally met everyone else. It has been a strange time in the world outside over the last year or so, but the school nursery will always be a safe haven of normality and fun. We are  looking forward to working with your amazing children and will ensure that they are settled, busy and learning. As you probably know, the Early Years curriculum encourages learning across seven areas: English, Communication and Language, Maths, Understanding of the World, Personal Social Emotional Development, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design. This provides the class with plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in practical, hands-on learning through play. The children feel safe to explore, ask questions and solve problems for themselves in a variety of different contexts. Rest assured that we will always nurture, care for and develop your child. Dialogue is constantly modelled and vocabulary is designed to enrich and extend. This is such an important time developmentally so any additional modelling of clearly pronounced dialogue can only be a good thing! Please find the attached Topic Brainstorm to give you an idea of targets we will be covering this half term. There is also an Autumn Term Nursery letter which provides more useful information you may need to be aware of like our request for spare clothes, wellies, and an all in one waterproof zip up. Thank you for choosing Paris Class- we can't wait to get started!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Tikare and Miss Dishart


Autumn One, Me, Myself and I 

It is hard to believe that this half-term is nearly over. Your children have settled incredibly well and are engaged in all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. They are becoming increasingly confident, enjoying the freedom to explore. So far we have sung songs, spoken and encouraged dialogue, conducted scientific experiments, spoken about similarities and differences, counted, matched numbers, begun to develop fine motor skill through cutting exercises, drawing etc, listened to stories, built, role-played with a variety of toys, investigated the micro-habitats, involved themselves in different, problem solving messy play, begun to use the playground equipment, amongst other things. In fact this first half term has been very busy and purposeful. Just a few quick reminders: please ensure that at least one full set of clothes is in school everyday in case of accidents, including some plimsolls. As you already know your children are learning now at the fastest rate they will probably ever learn at. It is important to capitalise on this to support them by having many, varied, clearly modelled conversations with them. If they mispronounce something just model again and ask them to repeat what has been said. Reading with your child is vital to encourage their understanding of the texts, enjoyment and phonetic knowledge. Don't forget to count up and down stairs, steps along the path, numbers on the doors etc. Also we will continue to assist with those who are not yet fully potty trained. We need this to be a reciprocal arrangement so that your child follows toileting routines as speedily as possible. Any extra assistance that can be given with putting on coats, shoes, doing up zips and buttons etc will be much appreciated. Hopefully you can see from the photos below how much the children have enjoyed their learning journey so far. We can't wait for the next chapter to start!

A Fabulously Fun but Busy Half-term!

Autumn Two: Shooting Stars and Racing Rockets;

Christmas is Coming!

It has been another exciting half term in Paris Nursery Class, with lots of different activities and learning opportunities. We have immersed ourselves in understanding that there are other planets in out solar system and that we have a moon. Also we found out that the planets are constantly moving. There have been opportunities to learn about how there is an International Space Station and we built our own version closer to home in our classroom! In the last few weeks of term we began to discuss how Christmas is coming and who that has significance for. In addition we noted other celebrations like Hannukah and Diwali, understanding that not all faiths celebrate the same occasions. We have read a variety of different texts appropriate to all subjects. Listening skills are improving, but we will continue to encourage this valuable life skill and ask you to do the same. There have also been multiple, creative activities to solve problems in Maths, like counting out the correct number of reindeer treats to match a variety of numbers, ordering different sized planets, matching Christmas baubles to be symmetrical, adding elves, trying to sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials, deciding what this means, working out which objects float and which sink in Science, developing ideas on why this may name but just a few challenges over the last half term. Of course we will revisit and extend this learning, along with confronting fresh problems to solve across our seven areas of learning in the Early Years.

As normal we have produced some very creative art work which has been displayed in the nursery. This has given everyone the opportunity to refine fine motor skills, with chances to cut, stick, draw, paint, roll salt dough, amongst other things. We spend an enormous amount of time speaking to the children, modelling speech, breaking down sounds. Along with this we encourage the art of conversation, demonstrating how to speak and when appropriate listen too. These are enormously valuable skills which we would ask you to continue at home too. We continue to work on skills across the curriculum like the fine motor skills in order to achieve a proficient pencil grip and control, challenges in PE to encourage balance and the equal use of both feet alternately when climbing steps for example. First thing in the mornings we promote the best mind-set by participating in Sensory Circuits where we do a variety of different exercises to encourage the use of the right and left side of the brain together, along with the physical and mental exertion necessary in order to concentrate properly in class.

 In the last week our Christmas party was a celebration involving games like Pin the Tail on the Reindeer, Musical Statues, dancing, singing, playing instruments, eating party food. There has been a Christmas film morning with popcorn, a Christmas panto to offer a traditional flavour to the end of our term, of course our party too! We can see that the children have enjoyed this time enormously, as have we!! We look forward to your child returning refreshed in January ready for the new term where our first topic will be Amazing Authors and Super Stories!

Please not that January is always a cold month so please wrap your child up in suitable clothes for outside play in all weathers. Take this opportunity to assist them in learning how to pull up zips, pull sleeves back round the right way, put shoes and wellies on and off. If you haven't already done so please bring in an all in one waterproof which can be worn over the top of their clothes, as well as wellies because we will continue to be learning outside as well as inside in the coming months.

We hope you and your families stay safe over the holidays, having and amazing Christmas break. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year...Merry Christmas!!

Best Wishes 

Mrs Tikare and Paris Nursery staff.