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Nursery - Paris Class

Topic Brainstorm

Autumn 1-Me, Myself and I.

Welcome to Paris, Nursery Class!!

We are so pleased to see you all and begin to get to know you. This will be a fantastically steep learning curve, but hopefully a rewarding and enriching experience. We look forward to working with you to address all seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum, listed below:

Areas of learning

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics.
  • understanding the world.
  • expressive arts and design.


The Topic Brainstorm attached on the page above lists more specifically what we will be learning in this half term. Our topic is Me, Myself and I which specifically addresses who I am, my personality, likes, dislikes, important events in my life, my family. Plus it acknowledges similarities and differences between ourselves, embracing them and understanding that differences and diversity is a positive thing.


Soon we will be sending home a reading record book for you to record which book has been read with your child and a book to share. These books will be sent out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will also send out a phonics record book and our current sound for you to practice with your child. There will be a link to our Read, Write, Inc Phonics clips for your child to view too. At some point we will also give you a copy of your child's name for them to overwrite it in order to learn how to write it. This will be as and when they are ready. Please take this time to share this stage in your child's learning. I am sure that you are aware that this age group has the potential to learn the most and the fastest.

Please may we also request a copy of a photograph of whoever is important in your child's life? This will form the basis of several lessons and points of discussion within class and is a wonderfully personal learning opportunity.


Finally, just a quick reminder that we need a full set of spare clothes and plimsolls to be kept in school, for changes in the event of accidents. It would also be very helpful for your child to have a pair of wellies in school and an all in one zip up water proof suit that can be placed over coats and jackets for outside play. We will play outside through all of the seasons so want to keep the children as comfortable as possible.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have or tell us anything you feel is important. We look forward to working with you and your child over this academic year and cannot wait to see the progress they make!

Mrs Tikare and Mrs McCluskie



Me, Myself and I! 


This has been an amazingly busy, first half term! Your children have all made leaps and bounds in progress, learning to follow the class routines. We have been learning through play covering all seven areas of the Early Learning Curriculum. The children have particularly enjoyed our investigation station, trying to answer a variety of different questions to further our Knowledge and Understanding of the World, developing their problem solving skills. We are continuing to immerse  all of the children in speech and language as part of our everyday routines. It is important to have the expectation that children should copy complete modelled sentences as well as articulate their own. Please encourage this at home as part of their everyday lives. There is still so much to learn and do so would love you to continue to support your child at home sharing books in the home/school reading scheme, modelling and rehearsing the sounds sent home, as well as using your laminated handwriting card to help your child to learn to read and write their name. As one last reminder please could I ask that your child has a complete change of weather appropriate clothes in school, including a pair of plimsolls if shoes end up getting wet as a result of an accident, a pair of wellies, and an all in one waterproof suit to place over their clothes for all weather outside play. Every child should have their own water bottle to bring in everyday and a bag to carry their things around in. We appreciate all the support you give us and look forward to continuing to work with your wonderful children! Please enjoy looking at some of our photographs below:

Remembrance Day 11.11.22

The children have had the opportunity to learn why we wear poppies. This year we chose to make red and black poppies to mark the occasion. We simply explained that red poppies grew on the fields where battles had been held during the Great War between 1914 and 1918. Black poppies have become symbolic of the enormous contribution made by soldiers of the Commonwealth countries which the children have learnt about. Obviously the children learnt that it is always better to live in peace and communicate with others rather than argue, wherever possible.


Odd Socks Day!

As part of Anti-bullying week the children took part in learning about why being different is a positive thing. They found out that we are all similar in some ways but that equally we have differences which we must respect. Children made odd socks and listened to the story, 'The Same but Different too,' by Karl Newson and Kate Hindley.

Shooting Stars and Racing Rockets!

As you know we have been learning all about the planets in the solar system. It has been exciting to see the enjoyment and progress of the children. We have found lots of creative, hands on ways to learn; the children have danced, sung and role played the movement of the planets, we have made the planets using a variety of different materials, learning about their key features, we have built rockets, learnt about the science involved in rockets blasting off into space, we have sounded out our letters and traced in moon dust, we have driven numbered moon buggies to the correct number of space objects, we have made our own constellations, cut out our own mountains and craters on the moon, we have role-played being astronauts in our own International Space Station, we have colour matched space debris to the correct colour planets and stars, we have built our own landing platforms and wrapped our toys in special foil space suits, we have played instruments and sung a variety of space themed songs. The children have learnt about earth and explore a book called 'Hello Mr World,' by Michael Foreman. This presented them with the notion that the planet is unwell and needs help to recover, so we were able to encourage the children to think about ways to help the environment. We have discussed litter picking using the litter picking grabbers, spoken about saving energy, reusing and recycling rubbish, composting, saving water, walking where possible instead of driving etc. The children may well ask you what you do to help the planet recover.

We hope you enjoy our short video clips and photos of our learning.

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Christmas is Coming!


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Amazing Authors and Super Stories: