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This year so far, we helped to raise some money for MacMillan Cancer. MacMillan Cancer is wonderful charity helping the sick and raising large amounts money to help with care and support. This year we helped to sell the cakes to children and took pictures of the event.


We also attended the Children’s Parliament at the Bexley Civic Centre in Bexleyheath in November 2015. During our trip to the Bexley Civic Centre, we experienced many interesting sessions which included:

  • healthy eating- which involved us learning about the food plate and mindfulness (how to keep your mind healthy)

  • littering – which discussed how long the things we throw away take to decompose

  • anti-bullying - which spoke about bullying and how it can affect anyone i.e. celebrities, and the consequences of it.

    Since attending the workshops it opened our mind to the opportunities that could help our school for the greater good. We have therefore decided to create teams within the School Council to focus on littering and healthy eating. We believe that bullying is an issue which we will strive to help STOP on a daily basis and therefore we wanted to concentrate on the two areas we felt were not recognised by some pupils in the school.

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