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SMSC Intent


We provide opportunities for children to -



Understand my own place in society and to grow into responsible, happy and productive individuals and citizens; to engage with and understand what gives life meaning


Develop a deep sense of justice; to know what’s right and wrong and stand up for what’s right.


Explore beliefs and experiences; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect meaningfully on their own actions and the actions of others.


Embrace all cultures with tolerance and respect; understand, accept and celebrate diversity.

SMSC Intent Document

Please find below the documents and links outlined in the recent emailed letter home regarding RSHE. The documents and links below are the proposed curriculum and policy that we would like you to review and give feedback on via the survey monkey link in your emailed letter. We have also included the guidance from the DFE for you to read through to help support you in completing the survey. Please complete this survey by Friday 26th March for our team to review your ideas and concerns.

DFE RSHE guide to parents

RSHE Policy

RSHE Topic Overview