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Reception - Rio Class

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Summer Term

We have had a brilliant summer term, it has gone by so quick and luckily with some lovely weather. This term we have looked at 'People who help us' and 'Animals'. The children enjoyed both of these topics. On reflection we feel so proud of the Maths and English that they have achieved this term. Thank you so much for being a wonderful reception class and we hope you all have an amazing summer holidays. Good luck in year 1! 


In Maths we have been looking at adding and taking away as well as number bonds to 10. We have been measuring and weighing too. We were able to measure ourselves using measuring tapes and weigh ourselves using scales. We had fun doing this! We made a chart of our heights in order from smallest to tallest and talked about all the ones inbetween.


We have had lots of fun in music every week. Sometimes we go to the music room and sometimes we stay in class to do our lesson. We sit in a big circle and start by singing a few songs we have learnt this year. We are able to use our voices and play a variety of instruments, sometimes together. We have also shown how good our dance moves are too. We have especially liked singing 'Frere Jacques', 'The Grand old Duke of York', 'She'll be coming round the Mountain' and 'Three Blind Mice'.

Sensory play

In Rio class this term we have continued to have lots of sensory fun inside and outside. We have explored a number of different items in our tuff trays that we have loved touching and playing with. These include: shaving foam, glittery water, sand, rice, pasta, cous cous, porridge, spaghetti, mud, paint, cotton wool and more! We have played with a number of toys inside and out and we have loved the free flow play in reception.

Fun Times in Rio Class!

Maths Fun

Pattern Fun

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Messy Play

Autumn 1

Welcome Rio Class! We have been so excited for you to start your big adventure at Jubilee Primary School. It might be a little bit scary for some of you but do not worry we have so many exciting things ahead of us this term. This term we are looking forward to hearing all about your families and all the things that make you different! We can't wait to make lots of memories with you. 


Mrs Washbrook and Mrs Watson

Autumn 2


Thanks for a wonderful Autumn 2 together Rio. 'Toys' has been our topic this term. We have been looking at old and new toys, what materials all toys are made from, how we use toys and so much more. As it got closer to Christmas we have been celebrating and learning about Christmas. Rio class has looked at so many amazing books this term from 'One Newt in a Suit' to 'I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' and not forgetting 'Father Christmas needs a wee.' We hope you and your families have the best Christmas and holiday together. We are looking forward to the start of spring term.


Mrs Washbrook and Mrs Watson


On our last week we had snow! We had lots of fun playing at home and outside at school. We didn't stay out too long as it was very cold.

Music Fun

Rio class have been going to the music room for our lessons. We have been singing songs and using different types of musical instruments including woodwind and percussion. we had lots of fun and especially enjoyed singing and playing along to the Christmas songs Jingle Bells and We Wish you a Merry Christmas.

Spring 2- 'Big Roar- here come the dinosaurs!'

Well done Rio class, you have all worked very hard this term. We have learnt lots about dinosaurs and have listened to lots of different stories about them. We especially liked 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants'. We created some of our own pants which are on display in our classroom. We also enjoy playing with the toy dinosaurs in free- flow play time. It has been a good time to continue singing our NSPCC Pantosaurus song which the children love.

Have a great Easter, enjoy spending time with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you back for the Summer Term.

Mrs Watson and Mrs Washbrook

PC Ryan

PC Ryan came into school to talk to us about being safe. We were given different scenarios and the children had to decide if they were safe or not. She talked about stranger danger and who we should talk to if we were worried. The children enjoyed looking at handcuffs, a baton and her uniform.

Easter Egg Hunt

On the last day of term the children took part in an Easter egg hunt in the school hall. Miss Roberts had written clues and the children listened and then had to find the Easter egg pictures. Once they had found all the eggs they then had to find the Easter hamper with all the chocolates inside. The children had lots of fun doing this and we hope they enjoy eating all the chocolate!