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Year 1 - Berlin Class

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Dear Berlin Class

We hope you had a lovely break over the Christmas holidays and were able to spend some good times with your family. We are now moving into the Spring Term and our new topic will be 'Vroom Vroom' where we will begin to think about transport, journeys and exciting explorers. You are continuing on your journey in Year 1 and each term you will grow a little more and learn a little more. We can't wait to be learning with you again and hearing about what you have been doing with your families at home.

Let's get ready for the next stage of our journey together - Vroom Vroom!

Mrs Cole, Mrs Jolly and Mrs Hamilton 

Dear Berlin Class 

We hope you had a really fantastic holiday and are looking forward to your new adventures in Year One. Throughout the year, we will be learning lots and having so much fun together. We know you will impress us with your outstanding attitudes to learning this year. This is our class page where we will post different pieces of your work/achievements from lots of different subjects. Remember to keep visiting throughout the year to explore some of the hard work that you have completed. On our page, you can also see what we are going to be learning about in our topic brainstorm. You can access this page at home, so therefore, if you would like to, you will also be able to share your learning with your grown-ups. 

Welcome to Year One!

Mrs Cole and Mrs Jolly

Autumn 1 - Me, Myself and I

In English we have been learning about the features of instructions. We have learnt that instructions are bossy, they tell us what to do and have to be followed in a sequenced order. They also contain words known as 'time conjunctions' - 'first, next, then, after that and finally'. We used time conjunctions to give our friends a set of instructions to make a fruit face. As you can see, we listened well to the instructions given and here are our results. The best part was when we finally got to eat the fruit! 

In maths we have been looking at number and place value. We have been making amounts using different objects from around the classroom. We have also been looking at counting and writing numbers. We have been using what we have learnt to add and subtract numbers as well as find number bonds to 10.

We have been looking at the life of Mary Seacole and her important contribution to society. We then made our own statues to celebrate a person who is very important to us. We have been doing this for Black History Month which we celebrate in October, but we also cover black history throughout the year through our focus on equality.

Autumn 2 - Me, Myself and I

In Design Technology we have been learning about the general safety rules we need to follow when preparing and cooking food. Once we understood the safety rules, we began to plan a cold dish. We then thought about what type of foods should go in a cold dish, but we also gave ourselves the task of focusing on healthy foods! The options we decided upon were a salad or a fruit salad. We had great fun making the dish of our choice and were also very careful in using utensils safely. We were very proud of our completed dishes!

In RE we have been exploring what Christians believe and what is important to them. Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world and means different things to different people. For Christians, Advent is a time to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. To think about this we made a Christingle - this is a decorated orange - for Christians a symbol of the world, 4 cocktail sticks representing the 4 seasons, sweets representing God's creations, red ribbon reminding Christians that Jesus died and a candle reminding Christians that Jesus is the light of the world.  In our class and around the world we all have different beliefs, but we found that we all very much enjoyed making our own Christingle! 

In PE this term we have been working with specialist sports coaches - Coach Rachel and Coach Owen. They have been teaching us gymnastic skills and we have learnt to balance, forward roll and have learnt different ways of travelling at different speeds and at different levels. Once we mastered the skills, we were able to work as a group to create our own sequence.

In our last week of school, we were very lucky to experience the wonder of snow. We had great fun - both at home for a 'snow day' and at school!