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Autumn Term 1


Welcome to Year 2 Melbourne Class !  We hope that you had a fantastic holiday and we are so excited to have you returning to school. Over the course of this academic year, we will be learning lots of new things and having lots of fun together!  We know you will make yourselves  proud, with your outstanding learning over this year. Ms Jefferies and myself  look forward to sharing some of these memorable moments on your learning journey, across the range of subjects on our class page. Please share some photographs of your proud moments  with us, so that we can post them to our class page. You will be able to share  some of your learning with your grow-ups by accessing this page from home.


                                                               Welcome to Year 2 !

Mrs. Wint -Wilson and Ms Jefferies



              Physical Education Lessons


This half term, we focused on Tennis Skills in our Physical Education lessons.

Here are some of our highlight moments!

                               Melbourne's Class Circus Poem's Performance 


 In our English lesson, we looked at the features of poems with a focus on circus poems.

The children practised  a range of circus poems and performed their favourite to an audience - our Melbourne classmates.

The children listened carefully to each group's performance and were encouraged to say two positive comments and one 'even better if' comment on each performance.


  Year 2 Mathematics Lesson in progress.

Autumn1  Term Topic: 'The Circus is Home!'


We have been enacting events from our current  novel, 'Dumbo'. Here we see our class creating freeze frames to share how a character might be feeling . The students used facial expressions and body language as tools to share their  fantastic ideas about how the main character could be feeling based on what was read and discussed.