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Year 2 - Melbourne Class

Activities for today - Snow Day!!

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Welcome  to Year 2 Melbourne Class. I hope that you had a fantastic holiday and you are looking forward to the new adventures and challenges this school year will  bring. I am excited to know about you and your aspirations, with the desire to help you in achieving them. Throughout the year, we will be engaged in lots of exciting activities and explore a wide range of topics on our learning journey.

We will have great fun together! 


In English, we learnt that an instruction is a direction or order. In written form, instructions usually provide guidance on how to achieve something.

They usually use lots of imperative (bossy ) verbs, like stop, do, take, spread, fold, clean, make, cut and go. Adverbs are used to add details and give clarifications to how actions are to be done. They are also written in a list form and are in chronological order.  

We listened carefully and followed the instructions for making our favourite sandwiches. We were all proud of ourselves and enjoyed eating our delicious sandwiches. 

Here are some photos from our Paddington Bear dress up session.

In maths, we have been looking at numbers and place value. In this session,

we used our previous knowledge and skills to add 3 single digit numbers.

We used numicons to check that our answers were correct.

In science, we have been learning about  becoming observant and always looking for clues to be used as evidence in our discussions  and answers. We learnt that where  living organisms such as plants and animals live is called a habitat. A habitat can be 

as small as a stone or as large as the ocean. We had the opportunities to role-play being  detectives ( somewhat like Sherlock Homes) and worked with a partner to identify different habitats around our school and the organisms which live in each of these habitats. We took pictures to use in our case files as evidence.

Autumn 2 - The Circus is Coming Home!

Our  text this half term was Leon and the Place Between, which was based on our circus topic. We  acted out different events from the text and focused our writing around the text. We wrote our own version of the story, a newspaper recount and our own poems, which we performed to our peers.

Here we some of our performance moments.

In Mathematics, we explored the topic of shapes. We discussed that shapes can be found all around us including on our bodies and is important in designing buildings and bridges. Here is an activity where we are creating examples of  2D -shapes.

Here are some of the 3d- shapes we made and discussed their features.

Here we are using both 2D and 3D shapes to make our own decorations.

Moments captured in preparation for our production and just children learning through fun activities.