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Year 2 - Melbourne Class

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Welcome to Melbourne Class

Year 2 Home Learning Summer 2020

Practise spelling words from the word lists.

Practise  counting up and back in 2s,3s,5s and 10s.


Practise number bonds to 10,20 and 100.

Hi Melbourne Class.


I hope that you are all safe and enjoying your time indoors with your family. I miss you all and look forward in us returning to school.


As you are aware, the reason we are not currently carrying out our school days on site is to keep us all safe and minimising the current dangers of COVID-19.


Please continue to complete the given tasks and have your parents email me photos of your finished tasks. If you have any difficulties wth the tasks being set, please tell your parents/carers. 


Remember to also have some fun, relaxing time and lots of sleep.


Mrs.Wint -Wilson


You could have your work featured on our gallery! If you would like to send us pictures of your wonderful projects, or have any questions, please contact us on

Melbourne Class' Amazing Effort! 

Hi Melbourne Class,

It was great speaking with each of you on Monday and hearing that you are enjoying the home learning activities.

Here are some examples of work and other activities sent in by some of your classmates.




What have you been up to?

Remember to send in pictures of your best pieces of home learning and fun activities!

These children are estimating and measuring - Math's Home Learning Task

Aleena has been enjoying riding her bike and playing a wide range of games with her family.

Home Learning Science experiement - solids

Hi Melbourne Class,

Here is your classmate Aleena completing her Home Learning Science experiment - Looking at how solids react when add to and mixed  with a liquid. 

Well done Aleena !

Hi Melbourne Class,


Here are some pictures of Alexis creating her VE Day badge.


A fantastic effort Alexis!


Hi Melbourne Class,

Here are some pictures of Antonia following a sequence of steps to complete her D/T cookie baking task.  A fantastic effort Antonia and your cookies look amazing!

 Hi Melbourne Class!


Look at what your classmate, Alfie has done!

He has been able to carefully take care of his chicken, which has produced fresh eggs for breakfast or

for his online bake off. While he shares his Science skills learned to grow vegetables as a family.


Keep up the amazing work Alfie!

Hi Melbourne class,

Here are some fantastic pieces, which have been completed by your classmates.

A fantastic effort Kenny!!

Can you guess which liquid soap  Aleena used to create these bubbles?

How many bubbles can you count in the picture?


Well done Aleena, for your fantastic effort!

BBC Bitesize

Facts and Figures

This week, Year 2 home learning activities will be including some links from the Oak National Academy Website Resources. Just click on the links that are included to be directed to the website. Each lesson will consist of a quiz to start the lesson, a video lead by a teacher and a final set of questions. You may pause the video to allow for sufficient time to complete each activity or  replay the video to hear the instructions again. 

If you have any problems accessing the lessons, please email your teacher for additional support.


Home Learning : w/c 13.07.20

 Hello Melbourne Class,

Time has moved so swiftly; this is our final home learning week . I must say that you are all made Melbourne Class so special. As a class, you were all able to make academic progress and developed tolerance towards each other, which frequently made me smile.

I am so disappointed that we were not able to return as a class but I know that you have been working hard at home and staying safe.

You are at the end Key Stage 1 and in September 2020 you will be in Year 3 with a new teacher.

I wish you all a fantastic and safe holiday.

It has been a pleasure to teach  you this year and I am extremely of each of and which you continued success next school year.  I will miss you all!


Monday - English, Mathematics and Foundation Subjects:

Wednesday- Mathematics and Science Subjects:

Friday - English and Science Subjects:

Phonics for non-fluent readers:

Home Learning - W/C: 06.07.20

Hello again Melbourne Class,

Another week has gone by and I hope  that you are all well and happy.

Many theme parks and museums are beginning to open and you will have more activities to do with your adults  in a safe way.

It continues to be a pleasure receiving pictures of your best pieces of home learning that you have completed, as well as, other activities that you have engaged in each week. If your adults have provided you with additional activates please send me pictures of your best pieces that you have completed. I would love to add your pieces to our class website or the Gallery Pages.

You can contact be via:

Take care until next week again,

Mrs Wint-Wilson


Monday - English,Maths and Foundation Subjects:

Wednesday- Maths and Science Subjects:

Friday - English and Foundation Subjects:

Phonics for non-fluent readers:

Home  Learning -  W/C 29.06.20

Hi Melbourne Class,

I hope that you are all doing well!

I enjoyed the magnificent sunshine last week and we were able to light our grill and spend lots of time in the garden. I hope that you too enjoyed the sunshine and kept safe.

Have a fantastic week. I miss you very much and I cannot wait until everyone is back at school as normal!

Take care and stay safe!


Monday - English,Maths & Foundation Subjects:

Wednesday - Mathematics & Foundation Subjects:

Friday - English & Science Subjects:

Phonics for non-fluent readers:

Home Learning Activities - 22.06.20

Hi Melbourne Class,


I hope that you are all well and staying safe. I am feeling happy, healthy and safe by staying inside as much as possible; as required by the government so that I can keep my family and others safe. I  really hope you are continue to have  an amazing time of fun with your grownups siblings and  close friends.

Well done Melbourne Class! I have seen lots of good work from more of you last week, remember to ask your grownup to please take a photo and send me any that you are proud of. I love your work! 

They can find the email address on your class page.





Monday - Maths, English and Foundation Subjects:

London Maths Week - June 22-26,2020

Wednesday - Maths and Foundation Subjects:

Friday - English and Science: 

Phonics for non-fluent readers:

Home Learning Activities-15.06.20

Hello Melbourne Class and Parents,

Thank you so much for the lovely work you have completed over the last few weeks and for helping your mummy and daddy by tidying up your rooms.

This is term, our focused key is,' Happy, Healthy, Safe', something which is important for us all at this time. Continue to have fun with your family and close friends.

I enjoy seeing the photographs of the work that you send me each week and I look forward to receiving work from those of you,who have not yet returned your completed tasks.

I will be adding a range of your amazing work to our class website and the 'Jubilee's Gallery'.

Please remember that you can email me anything regarding your learning or ask me any questions. 

Missing you all - receive my vast virtual hugs!!  

Mrs. Wint-Wilson

Monday -Maths, English and Foundation Subjects:

Wednesday-Maths and Foundation Subjects:

Friday-English and Science Subjects:

Phonics for non-fluent readers:

Home Learning Activities: 08.06.20

                                                Mrs Wint-Wilson's Weekly Message


I hope that you are all doing well! I would like to congratulate you all on your excellent effort, as there have been many of you who have consistently been sending me activities. For those of you who have started sending in your work, thank you for your effort and keep up the good work!

It feels like lock down has been forever, as I  spend my days indoors. I hope that with the changes to the rules, you are now able to see your close friends and family members.

As Year 2 are still at home, at times you may be anxious as you see friends or siblings returning or preparing for their return to school. Please continue to keep yourself  happy ,healthy and safe as we patiently wait to be reunited as the ' Melbourne Class Family.'


                                I wish you a fantastic week and I look forward to see you soon.

                                                                    Mrs Wint-Wilson

Monday-Maths,English and Foundation Subjects.

Wednesday- Maths and Foundation Subjects

Friday- English and Science Subjects

Phonics for non-fluent readers

Home Learning Activities 01.06.20

Handwriting Practice

Monday - Maths, English and Foundation Subjects : 01.06.20

Wednesday- Maths and Foundation Subjects:03.06.20

Friday- English and Science Subject: 05.06.20

Phonics For Non-Fluent Reader: 01.06.20

Home Learning Activities Week beginning: 25.05.20

Monday: Maths, English and Foundation subjects 25.05.20


Wednesday: Maths and Foundation subjects 27.05.20

Friday English and Science:Week beginning 25.05.20

Phonics for non-fluent readers :Week beginning 25.05.20

Home Learning Activities - 18.05.20

Monday: English, Maths and Foundation Subjects 18.05.20

Wednesday - Mathematics and Foundation Subjects

Friday - English and Science 22.05.20

Phonics for non-fluent readers 22.05.20

Home Learning Activities - 11.05.20
Monday: English, Maths and Foundation Subjects
Friday - English and Science

Home Learning Activities- Week beginning 04.05.20

Monday -English, Mathematics and Foundation Subjects:
Wednesday -  Maths and Foundation Subjects

Friday - English and Science

Phonics for non-fluent readers
Home Learning w/c 27.4.20
Monday - English, Maths and Foundation Subject
Wednesday - Maths and Foundation Subject
Friday - English and Science
Phonics for non-fluent readers
Home Learning w/c 20.4.20
Monday - English, Maths and Foundation Subject
Wednesday - Maths and Foundation Subject
Friday - English and Science
Phonics for non-fluent readers

Home Learning w/c 13.4.20

Monday - English, Maths and Foundation Subject

Wednesday - Maths and Foundation Subject

Friday - English and Science

Phonics for non-fluent readers

Welcome to Year Two! We hope you had a really fantastic holiday and are looking forward to your new adventures in year two. Throughout the year, we will be learning lots and having so much fun together. We know you will impress us with your outstanding attitudes to learning this year. This is our class page where we will post different pieces of your work/achievements from lots of different subjects. When you feel proud of something, please let us know, so that we can post it onto our page. Remember to keep visiting throughout the year to explore some of the hard work that you have completed. On our page, you can also see what we are going to be learning about in our class newsletter. You can access this page at home so if you would like to, you will also be able to share your learning with your grown-ups. 

Welcome to Year Two!

Mrs Wint-Wilson

Topic Brainstorm Spring 2

Homework Menu Spring 2

Homework Menu Spring 1

Autumn 2 Homework Menu

Homework Menu

This year we have been thinking about keeping ourselves healthy  so we have  doing a 'Daily Mile' where we all go outside onto the playground each day and walk around as a class.

In this half term we have been doing sketches based on our topic 'Fire, Fire, Burning Bright' which is linked to The Great Fire of London. We have used pencils, pastels and charcoal to create our own scenes. We have also created sketches based on london now and compared the similarities and differences.

In Maths today we explored odd and even numbers using a range of resources.


   As part of  Chinese New year, we participated in a special Chinese New year dance workshop. We were taught about  how new year is celebrated across China and learnt some Chinese dancing. We were also able to see and wear some Chinese dragon costumes and use Chinese fans.

 As part of Remembrance Day and Anti-Bullying Week, (which was covered in SMSC and History,) we participated in a workshop about a soldier in the First World War. We learnt what life was like in the trenches. We discussed its importance and how we might prevent conflict in the future. Although it was a difficult topic for us to understand we still had some fun following drill instructions and holding the enormous, wooden rifle!

 This term we have been reading 'A Bear Called Paddington,' by Michael Bond in-line with our topic 'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner!'. As part of our initial engagement process with the book we made bread in D.T. The children thoroughly enjoyed the bread with marmalade on top, as eaten by Paddington. We later wrote instructions for making bread and had the opportunities to measure quantities and scientific discussion about the changes in properties along the way.

We attended a special assembly this half term to remind us how to keep  healthy.

We  were reminded of the importance of having a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and exercising.

  The presenter gave us tips on how to keep our minds healthy .

Year Two children have been trained in basic first aid by an external agency.

Year Two children are engaged in their Mastery TimesTable activity. 

An external company called 'Splatz' came in to teach the children circus skills and support our cross curricular learning.

        During our recent challenge and support day Year two children planned their own circus equipment. They used a range of materials and the most efficient ways to join these materials.They also evaluated their work and discussed how these skills might be used in the real world.

At the end of half term we celebrated harvest with a special assembly in key stage one. Children from reception, year one and year two joined together for this celebration. The children sang songs and shared harvest art work they had created themselves.