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Spring Term

World Book Day

"That's a nice World Book Day outfit - I'll have that!" said Burglar Bill.

How many story book characters can you recognise?

Dance of the Molecules
Our Science Topic is Solids, Liquids and Gases. We created a dance to show how the molecules of each of these states behave, especially when heat energy is added or taken away. You can see us vibrating slowly as solids, sliding past each other as pouring liquids and moving randomly to fill the room as a gas before cooling down again. The music we used was called "Popcorn" by a group called Hot Butter - which illustrates a solid turning into a liquid!
St. Paul's during the Blitz
As part of our cross-curricular work on Searching For Safety, we have made some dioramas out of cereal boxes. We looked at a famous newspaper photograph of St. Paul's Cathedral in London from December 1941. At this time, the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) were dropping bombs on London and other British cities night after night. We painted a colour background showing fire and smoke, made a cardboard silhouette of St. Paul's for the centre and some smaller features for the foreground. We think they are very effective.
Anyone for Tennis?
We have been getting ready for Wimbledon - Covid restrictions permitting - by practising our tennis skills.

Autumn 2

Picture of the Year

I love this picture! The girls are working so well as a team. They are all co-operating and carrying out their own individual roles: timing, observing, recording and carrying out the investigation. Their concentration and enjoyment are palpable!

Girls are under-represented in the field of Science. Perhaps these four will go some way to redressing the balance!


Our PE topic this term was Basketball. We learnt how to dribble, pass and shoot. To be a successful basketball player, you need to work as a team.


Our computing lessons had us using Scratch to help design a toy. We learned about inputs and outputs.

Leaf Detectives

We used Leaf i-pads to help us identify leaves we had collected in the school grounds.


Digesting food investigations

Our Science lessons involved planning and carrying out our own investigations into how our stomachs digested the food we eat. To find out more we used a Ziplok bag as our stomach and orange juice (which contains citric acid) to act as the gastric juices. We timed how long it took a piece of bread to dissolve.

After that, we devised our own investigation to find out if we could change things. We wanted to find out

a) if the amount of juice we used would make a difference

b) if changing the liquid we used would increase the speed of digestion - we used vinegar (which is acetic acid), apple juice and water, and

c) if different food digested at different speeds

We planned our work carefully, all took different roles in the actual experiment, made observations, compared results and drew conclusions. 

Animal Rights - Do you want to have Wilbur for Christmas?

As part of our work on Charlotte's Web, we discussed animal rights. We made posters, role-played characters and developed reasoned arguments for and against eating Wilbur the Pig. Most of us were pleased to find out that he was spared and eventually saw his first spring.

Levers and Linkages

We made moving Christmas Cards as part of our DT project. We used cardboard levers to combine levers into a linkage and used split pins as pivots. The guides helped keep the levers moving in the right direction.

Autumn 1

Well, hello and welcome back to Jubilee School! How have you been? It's been one of the weirdest years I can remember but now we are all back together we can look forward to an amazing year in our new Year3/4 Tokyo bubble. As Major Tom says, " Tomorrow will be a better day". We have made a brilliant start to the new term, settled into our new routine really quickly and sensibly and I think we are all raring to go with some great new learning. Keep your eyes on this page for news of some of the fabulous things we get up to!

Autumn 1 Topic: What A Wonderful World


We have begun our What A Wonderful World topic by listening to the famous song by Louis Armstrong and another very different version by Joey Ramone.

We have begun our new English reader "Charlotte's Web" and have explored the emotions and feelings of characters in the early chapters.