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Year 3/4 - Tokyo

Summer 2

Forces and magnets

We have been studying the properties of magnets and other forces in our Science lessons. We were set the challenge of getting a paper boat across a work tray lake using magnets but without touching the boat. It turned out that making the boat in the first place was more of a challenge but we got there in the end and each group managed to sail successfully with the aid of a magnet and a steel paper clip (which contains iron).

Here we are testing the properties of bar magnets.

Set In Stone

As part of our Set In Stone Stone Age To Iron Age topic, we made "How To Survive In The Stone Age" booklets. We know Stone Age people couldn't read or write but what if they could? What would they write about? We gave them advice on catching mammoths, making clothes and shelters, creating cordage and making a bronze axe head. Here we are, hard at work.

And here is our drama work. We are hunting our mammoth, then stripping the skin for clothes and shelters and using the meat for food.

Summer 1

Topic Brainstorm

Topic Newsletter



Our Summer 1 topic was based around the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

We researched changes that had happened in the fields of technology, education, music, fashion and sweets since she became Queen 70 years ago.

Enid Blyton

We have made some moving Magic Faraway Trees based on our work on Enid Blyton's "The Enchanted Wood". She was the most popular children's author for most of Queen Elizabeth's long reign. Nowadays, she is not so popular as she had some very old fashioned ideas about what boys and girls could and couldn't do.

Fun and Games: we're not board!

Here we are playing Ludo, draughts, snakes and ladders, Cluedo, Frustration and Guess Who. All of these board games were popular during the earlier part of the reign.

Spring 2


Jay and Matt from Platform Cricket came to teach us some sporting skills. We learnt how to bowl over-arm, how to bat and how to run between the wickets while watching the ball. There were so many new words and phrases to learn but Jay was really impressed with us and told us how good we we! We really enjoyed it.

Nose and Spoon Races!

On Red Nose Day we held Nose and Spoon races. 

Chinese Dances

Kate came and taught us some traditional Chinese dances. We danced a long winding dragon dance and a lion dance in pairs. We learnt the whole sequence - it involved a lot on co-operation and concentration.

Aquariums (or is it Aquaria?)

As part of our Saving Planet Earth project we created aquariums made with junk and rubbish that often finds into way into landfills or even worse into the ocean where it poisons and kills wildlife. We learnt some amazing and frightening facts about the amount of plastic pollution in our world and we are going to try and waste as little as possible in our lives. We also wrote letters to our MP, Abena Oppong-Asare, to ask for her help in our campaign.

Did you know for example that around 20,000 plastic bottle are bought EVERY SECOND and LESS THAN HALF are collected for recycling! Since plastic was invented 8.3 billion tonnes has been made - only 9% is recycled and 79% is buried in landfill or dumped on land or in the sea! We hope that you will join us in our efforts to reduce plastic waste.

Spring 1

Topic Brainstorm

Topic Newsletter

Topic Brainstorm

Topic Newsletter

The Whales' Song / Dear Greenpeace

As part of our Engagement Work in our books "The Whales' Story" by Dyan Sheldon and "Dear Greenpeace" by Simon James, we have danced a whale dance, improvised whale music and measured the length of different whales in the playground - the whales weren't actually in the playground, you understand....

Autumn 2

November 2021

Planting Bulbs

In order to make sure we can study Plants in the Spring Time, we have been planting bulbs this term. They will be safe underground during the winter months and we hope they will begin to flower in March.

Lubaina Himid

We have been looking at the paintings and collages of Lubaina Himid. She has become a very inspirational artist for us. She was the first black woman to win the prestigious Turner Prize for Art and she has to wait until she was 63 for it! We think that is a great example of resilience.

Divas and Diwali

As part of our cross-curricular Science topic, we also looked at the significance of Diwali - the Hindu festival of Light. We listened to (part of) the story of the Ramayana - it's really, really long! - and made some divas out of salt-dough. Mrs Higgins helped. Then we decorated them and added a night light. We role played the return of Rama and Sita to the city when the people set out divas to guide them back to the palace.

Autumn 1

September 2021


A new year means new challenges! We welcome all of our new pupils to Key Stage Two and promise you an amazing year ahead. We will be reading some fantastic books, discovering some extraordinary facts in science and the humanities as well as developing some fascinating maths skills. We will be indulging our creativity in music, art and DT. We will work hard and  play enthusiastically, co-operating confidently and being the very best versions of ourselves at all times.

Autumn Term Topic

Autumn Term Topic 'Let Us Shine'


Our exciting topic this term is LET US SHINE which we will be exploring across the Curriculum.  This will include: light and shadows (Science), fireworks (English), inspirational people (SMSC/PSHE) and so much more! We will be reading and studying the book, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman in class and producing lovely, exciting work based on this. 


We will be keeping this page updated with some of the amazing things you are doing throughout the year so keep an eye on it!

In The Hall of the Mountain King

To illustrate our work on The Firework Maker's Daughter through the medium of interpretive dance, we listened to this piece of music and created our own sequences growing from tiny flickers to the blazing inferno of Razvani's Grotto.

Glockenspiels and other Tuned Percussion

In our music lessons, we are learning to play tuned percussion like glockenspiels, xylophone and metallophones. To do this we have to understand the structure of music and know the names of the notes - which are the same as the first 7 letters of the alphabet.