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Year 4/5 - Atlanta Class


Welcome back to the Summer Term.  Trust you had a restful Easter Break and are refreshed for a busy term ahead. We have posted this term’s Homework menu, News letter and topic brain storm.

Our Summer term topic is "ANGRY EARTH".

This term is planned with so many positive experiences and exciting learning opportunities. Working together as a class, we will achieve amazing things and be the very best version of ourselves. 

I'm so proud that Atlanta class has successfully come a long way this year and we can't wait to carry on learning and improving.

Mrs Ugbine

In Geography, we learnt about Volcanoes as part of our topic 'Angry Earth'. We created our volcano using washing up liquid, vinegar, plastic cup, bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring. It was AMAZING!!! We linked this to our Science lesson (Changes of materials). The mixture created the bubbles of carbon dioxide.

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In Science, we investigated the effect of effervescent tablet on different water temperature (boiling hot water, warm water and chilling water) and how quickly carbon dioxide is created in the reaction.In conclusion the boiling hot water reacted the quickest. Also we investigated if the type of liquid (milk, washing up liquid, antibacterial liquid, sparkling water and coke) affects how quickly carbon dioxide reacts to effervescent tablet.

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In Science we learnt about irreversible materials. We mixed vinegar with milk, it began to curdle. It separated into clumps of solids floating in thin watery liquid. We strained the mixture to separate the solids from the liquid. The solids we were left with are a new material. The chemical reaction created a form of plastic called casein plastic. The casein plastic can be moulded into shapes and left to dry.

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In Science, we are learning properties and changes of materials. We used different processes to separate mixtures of materials

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Magnetic attraction - Separating rice from paper clips using magnet.


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Filtration- using the filter paper inside the funnel to separate water and sand.


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Sieving - Using the sieve, we separated flour from the raisins.


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Evaporation - We boiled salt water for a while, hence separating the water from the salt.

We learn about the work of Wassily Kandinsky and create a circles painting, using the colours we have mixed. Kandisky was the first painter to stop painting pictures of things and instead paint just using colours and shapes. He believed that this let him paint honestly about his feelings. He was a Russian painter. Many people think he was the first abstract artist. Often Kandinsky would listen to music while he painted and try to paint what he heard.

In our Writing task, we watched a clip called 'Ruin' by Wes Ball. We created our own futuristic dystopian city by using perspective and a focal point in our drawing.

Our black and white portraits of the Queen.

We had fun using our creativity for the Queen's platinum Jubilee. We made a collage of the Queen with her crown using some of London's landmarks. Can you identify any landmark on our collage?

Learning to play Tag Rugby was absolute fun as we enjoyed it!!! Thanks to our coaches - Rachel and Ellie.

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In Science, we have been learning about properties and changes of materials, we used our previous knowledge of different properties of materials to help us investigate which material would be best to keep a packed lunch coolest for the longest amount of time. We thought about different materials and their properties which helped us to predict which material would be the best for the lunch box. We know that thermal conductors allow heat to pass through them easily, whereas thermal insulators stop heat from passing through them. However, this knowledge helped us to determine that we needed to find the best thermal insulator, which would stop the heat from entering into the packed lunch box.

We wrapped each of the different materials around 5 different plastic containers, fill them with water then put same sized of ice-cube inside the cups and a thermometer into each cup.

Just like the Scientists do, we recorded the temperature of each cup every 10 minutes with different materials so we could see which material let the most heat through and was therefore the worst thermal insulator. 

Finally we drew up a line graph showing our data and findings. As you can see, we are so proud of our combined Scientific and Mathematical skills. Hope you are as well!

Learning all about mountains is absolute fun. We created our model of contour Island using cards, glue, coloured pencils or painting. Thanks to our parents who assisted with the contour home work project.

As part of our topic, we studied the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai who was known for his painting ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’. We had a go at recreating this famous painting using mixed colours!! We are proud of our learning and hope that you like it.

We are delighted and so proud of our writing on 'ANGRY EARTH' using descriptive sentences and figurative languages.


A massive welcome back after the Christmas break! We have lots of fun things planned this term, which I know that the children will love. We endeavour each day to make the learning fun and provide a creative curriculum which is both broad and balanced. 

Thank you all in anticipation of your support for the forthcoming term.


Mrs Ugbine



Our wind turbines

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We read the book 'The boy who harnessed the wind by William Kamkwamba', and made our own wind turbines following instructions.

From Benin Kingdom in Africa, we moulded clay pots as an artefact exhibition.

10 days of absolute fun and exciting learning: Watching our 'Tesco' eggs hatching into chicks and actually growing gradually to become mother hens was amazing. Learning about the life cycles of living things and working scientifically to observe in real life how eggs hatch to chicks was beyond our imagination. An experience we can never forget in a hurry!!! 

Thank you to our lovely supplier - The happy chick company. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful fun learning experience.

Getting the brooder box and incubator ready for our EGGSTRAVAGANZA!!!

DAY 3- The eggs are beginning to hatch!

DAY 4 - Nine eggs were hatched. The first egg moved to the brooder.

One became NINE!!!

Absolute fun handling and stroking the chicks.

Day 10 - we said goodbye and thank you to our lovely chicks and amazing staff of The happy chick company. We look forward to seeing you again next year by God's grace


Celebrating Number Day organised by NSPCC.

What will you do when there is an emergency? A role play of SMSC lesson on what to do and what numbers to call during emergency.

We created a 3D orange tree based on our Writing text - 'Journey to Jo'Burg'; a story based on South African setting during the apartheid.

Our Art work - Silhouette with African sunset background

A painting of African village setting.

To kick start the term with our Amazing Africa, we created a silhoutte of an 'African Woman' using African print fabric.


Good to have you back this second part of the term. Hope you did enjoy your half term break. I look forward to working with you even better during this term.

In Geography, we learnt about Biomes and we made our own Biomes from recycled materials.

Our finished products!

Music lesson using body percussion to create rhythm

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In conjunction with our Equality foci, we have been reading the book titled 'RUBY BRIDGES THIS IS YOUR TIME'. Our posters show NO TO RACISM AND STOP DISCRIMINATION; EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!!

As part of the forces lesson, we learnt about different mechanisms that allow a smaller force to have a greater effect - Levers, Gears and Pulleys. To link with DT, we made our own mechanism.


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Science experiment to show the differences between mass and weight using measuring scale and Newton meter. We learnt that mass is measured in grams (g) while weight is measured in Newton(N). We discovered that gravity pulls objects down with a force of approximately 1N for every 100g.

This term in Science, we are learning all about FORCES. In our first lesson, we carried out experiment to show the effect of gravity on unsupported objects such as flat paper, crunched up paper and folded paper.


Welcome to Atlanta.

I hope you had an enjoyable and restful summer holidays.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and achieve some incredible things over the course of the year.

We have lots of exciting activities planned and lots of interesting new topics to learn and explore.

Mrs Umoren

Autumn Term Topic - 'Equality Through the Ages'

Science experiment to demonstrate rotation of the Earth and explain why we have day and night.

Balancing in PE lesson

It's fun playing with percussion instrument during music lesson.

Reading the book titled 'IAN' created an awareness of showing empathy to the disabled people. We role played part of the story.