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Year 4/5 - Stockholm Class

Autumn 2

Our English texts this half term were The Tiny Crusader and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In Maths we practised multiplying and dividing and started work on perimeters. Our Science work involved Electricity and we carried on our history topic including looking at the work of some protest singers from the folk genre. We also had great fun in rehearsing and performing our contribution to the KS2 Christmas Concert.

Christmas Concert

Here are some photos of us performing our post-performance dress rehearsal.

Dancing With A Dragon

We have used the medium of dance to tell the fantasy story of a dragon. Our dragon has been fast asleep in a mountain cave and so when it wakes, it is covered with dust and cobwebs. It stretches its limbs one by one, starting small and growing larger and finally drags itself along the tunnel that leads to the cave entrance (Music=Red Nettle). From here, it surveys the land far below. It sees a valley with a sparkling river and (possibly) a waterfall, a small town with a farmyard, a castle and a dark wood. the dragon swoops and flies over this magical land (Music=Beyond The Clouds). Far below, in the deep woods, strange creatures twist and turn amongst the trees. At times it is hard to tell which is tree and which is animal (Mysterons Theme). The villagers are hard at work in the nearby town building and creating new structures (On A Building Site). Suddenly, the shadow of the mighty dragon obscures the sun and they march off to confront this fiend (March of the Mods). On surrounding the creature, they begin to attack it (Hi Jack) but it transpires that it is a friendly dragon so cordial relations are restored and our dance finished with a stately party (Praetorius - Dances From Terpsichore). You can see some of our work in the photos taken by Tea.

World War Mind Maps

As part of our history topic, The World At War, we researched primary and secondary sources. We shared some of findings as a group and created these World War mind maps. 

The 13 Storey Treehouse

We had a visitor from and did some work in our new Reading Room. The text we worked on was called "The 13 Storey Treehouse" by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

It came recommended by Marcus Rashford!

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Autumn 1

Welcome back! A new year and a new class name!

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and was the host city for the Olympic Games in 1912.

As a combined Year 4 and 5 Class we are going to have great fun and work really hard to achieve some amazing success this year.

Our first topic is called "World At War". We will also be studying Light and Electricity in Science as well as focussing on Addition, Subtraction and Place Value in Maths. Our set texts will include Rose Blanche, The Tiny Crusader, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe and the video text The Piano.

Science -investigating light and how we see

The great scientist Ibn al-Haytham declared that we should never take someone's word for things but should test them through our own experience. Here we are taking his advice and testing the idea that light travels in straight lines from its source to our eyes. We are using torches and mirrors and creating periscopes and kaleidoscopes to test our theories.

English - Rose Blanche

While reading the book Rose Blanche, we acted out the beginning of the story.