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Year 5/6 - Atlanta Class

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Spring Term 1
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Topic Brainstorm


Our Team Houses, working as a TEAM!

Fun day on sport day!

Role play on fairy tales with a twist

Art -Abstract painting from Atlanta class after learning about the great Artist - Wassily Kandisky

Science - Fun time with DENSITY - Rainbow experiment.

Classification of organism according to Carl Linnaeus

On the 23rd June, we were visited by the athlete - Gianni Frankis for a fitness circuit.


We learnt and performed poems by heart.

We used different techniques and colours to create a piece of art showing the night sky.

We had a robust session with Simon on GROWING AGAINST VIOLENCE (GAV) cross curricular with PHSCE/SMSC.
Let's get started with some FUNS EXERCISES!
Some of our Christmas crafts -fun afternoon!
History, English linked DT - Following instructions on how to make Spitfire from WWII, the children carefully made and precisely measured so that joins, holes and openings are in exactly the right place.
Successful outcome of our Spitfire.
English lesson linked SMSC- From the short video clip of TINY CRUSADER, we focused  on how negative thoughts (RED) affect our feelings (YELLOW) as a result leading to bad behaviors (ORANGE) which affect our daily lives. We made chains of negative thoughts, feelings and behavior and break it up with positive thoughts (GREEN)
Science - Electricity

We recalled an electrical circuits that allows components to be switched on and off.

Autumn 1

Welcome back!

We are so happy to be returning to school and to be reuniting with all of our wonderful pupils. We have an exciting year planned for our year 5/6 class with many so many positive experiences and exciting new learning opportunities. Working together as a class we will achieve amazing things this year and be the very best version of ourselves. Atlanta class has had a great start to the term and we can't wait to carry on learning and improving.

What a way to start the school year with so much energy and enthusiasm! Children displayed different skills in their role play to portray their understanding of the text- Rose Blanche.
A tour of our classroom- WORLD AT WAR!
DT - The first stage of making our air raid shelters - Anderson shelter
The second stage of making our air raid shelters - Anderson shelter.
Our final outcome....
Science - to understand that light travels in a straight line.

Using a torch, two mirrors, blu tac, an object and a piece of paper, we found a way to increase the amount of reflections given by an object.

PE- Learning the skills of playing Hockey.
Accurately passing a ball with a hockey stick.
Technically dribbling using a hockey stick.