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Year 5/6 - Helsinki Class

Topic Brainstorms

Summer 1

We carried out some fieldwork in our geography lesson to identify the different land use around our school.

In our computing lessons, we have been looking at coding and debugging our codes. Here we were writing our own algorithms for a crane to load and unload some boxes.

We sourced some natural and man-made materials and created our own musical instruments, wind chimes to be specific.

We focussed on an animated video called Ruckus, which told the story of a train heist gone wrong in the Wild West. We wrote a newspaper report about the event too. Here we made a storyboard, organising the events of the robbery in chronological order and using ourselves as the props.

In PE we have been learning and playing tag rugby.

For the ten year anniversary of the formation of Trinitas Academy Trust we took part in the Trinitas 10 Challenge! We attempted to run a ten-minute mile!

In an effort to replicate a famous artist and their work we looked at Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and did an incredible job replicating this masterpiece.

During the year 6 SATs, our year 5s spent the time creating some incredible personal presentations which they presented to the rest of the class.

Spring 2

We created our own Aztec pyramid! We each used our own 'brick' to create some Aztec images, using real examples as inspiration, then built our pyramid.

Inspired by Avatar's Pandora (our current English topic), we made our own bioluminescent artwork, depicting flora and fauna that quite literally glowed in the dark! 

Once again using Pandora and alien worlds as our inspiration, we worked in pairs (or 3s) to make our own random alien creation!

In science, we investigated how exercise can affect our bodies and specifically our heart rate. It was exhausting!

In science week, we became engineers and explored the most efficient designs for bridges. Look above for our first attempts....

And below, after a bit of trial and error...

Our science week workshop was all about the planet, climate change and how we could make a small change in our own lives to make a big difference.

Spring 1

We visited TUMP 53 to explore evolution, inheritance and adaptation.

In English we created routines of actions and movements to help us learn and remember our focus text, A Lion in Paris.

We combined our knowledge of online software with our understanding of British Values and created these striking images showcasing: Mutual Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law and Democracy.

We've been reading together in our new library!

We have been using xylophones and glockenspiels to learn about pitch, duration and melody.

We debated whether religious institutions would be better served spending their money on charity rather than building elaborate places of worship.

We created an impressive print, alongside the rest of the school and in conjunction with BOW Arts to display in our new library.

We looked at how we can see that animals have changed over millions of years by looking at their fossils and then made our own!

Our Year 6s were lucky enough to be visited by GAV - Growing Against Violence - a workshop designed to help children understand the dangers and the harsh realities of gangs and the dangers of being caught up in them.

Autumn Term 2

In art we learnt about Ansel Adams, a famous American photographer who specialised in nature photographs. We looked at his style and attempted to replicate them by taking pictures of the nature around school and then editing the photos using software. Look at our amazing efforts above!

We have looked at the role of music, instruments and our voices and body percussion in warfare. Here are two of our groups efforts to instil fear in the enemy.

We were lucky enough to have West End in Schools visit us to do a workshop based on our topic World at War. During the workshop we learnt poetry and how propaganda influenced the public. We read letters from the front and applied all of this to our writing in class.

Our science topic Electricity and Light saw us building circuits and learning about the electrical components that make them.

We even created a spectrum of light using a prism in class.

In preparation for our descriptive writing we spent the morning experiencing what our character experienced. We felt everything she could and heard everything she would hear. Using this experience we were able to to build an amazing descriptive Winter Wonderland in our writing.

Autumn Term 1

We have been investigating light in our science topic this half-term. We have been investigating and proving how light travels in straight lines..

... and also been investigating how refraction can make light waves bend as they move at different speeds through different materials.

In music we created music in an attempt to convey mood and atmosphere, that could be played alongside the text we were reading, 'Rose Blanche'.

We used concrete resources to begin our learning about division in maths.

We teamed up and created some questions we would like to find out in history. We then went on to research and discover the answers to our questions,

In English we attempted to place ourselves into the shoes of a soldier living in the trenches. We experienced the darkness, the noise and the claustrophobic conditions that gave us the tiniest snippet of the terrible conditions they may have faced.

We made our own actions for the text 'Rose Blanche'...

...which enabled us to recall the story in greater detail and rewrite it in our own way.

Welcome to HELSINKI and Year 5/6!

I'm so excited thinking ahead and of everything that we will learn and achieve together. I am looking forward to getting to know those of you, who I have not taught yet and continuing to work with those who I get to teach for another great year.