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Spring has been a busy term, one that has presented us with new challenges to our learning and the way we teach. Our children rose to the challenge of online learning over the course of this term and have continued to impress us with their resilience and application upon returning to school. 

There is so much HELSINKI could share with you. Below is a snapshot of just some of the learning and activities we have completed this spring term.


We have covered so many topics in maths this spring, including:

Algebra - we spent some time learning about algebra before finishing off with a day of code-breaking and detective games that tested everything we had learnt.
Converting units of measure: comparing lengths, capacity and size.
And playing games. At the end of the first week back and consolidating what we knew, we decided to play some games, compete against each other, work in teams and learn together.
We continued to keep our sights set firmly on the 5 Jubilee Keys. Spring saw us look at the values of resilience and tolerance.
We've celebrated International Women's Day...
And even had a virtual Growing Against Violence workshop focussed on Online Safety.
We learnt the different parts of a river and then learnt about the causes of flooding and ways to prevent it. 
Our science topic, saw us focus on 'Living Things and Their Habitats' and 'Evolution and Inheritance'. We explored how animals adapt to survive, including camouflage. We then attempted to camouflage our own animals around the class to see whose was best.
We then worked together to present our new knowledge.
We wrote a non-fiction report about a fictional planet in English, and used electronic media to present it.
We tackled some difficult questions when looking at the text Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne including How a parent's absence can affect a child and how past or traumatic experiences can affect future relationships. Here is one example that earnt the Principal's Award.

This is all just a small part of everything we have done this term. There is so much more!

We are so proud of all of the Jubilee children and how resilient they have proven to be.


Autumn 2

We have launched the first of our 5 Jubilee Keys this half term: Happy, Healthy, Safe. We looked at how we can stay happy and the links between our physical health and mental health. We also identified ways in which we can stay safe, including online. To obtain our bronze key we decided to launch a school-wide campaign to raise awareness of mental health, healthy living and staying safe. We displayed our posters around the school, with the idea that if they could give advice or help, to even one child, then it would be a worthwhile activity. We still have some way to go though in order to get our silver and gold keys.

We began our next topic in Science this term: Electricity. We looked at how important and how dangerous electricity could have been during the war and in particular The Blitz (think blackouts). We decided that transport would still need to use electricity to travel around and decided to design some vehicles. We used our knowledge of electrical circuits and components to show how the electricity would work on these vehicles.

In art, we created a cityscape during The Blitz, using paint and card.

We have been focusing on thoughts, feelings and behaviours through English this week. The focus on SMSC has enabled us to understand how negative thoughts can lead to negative feelings and in turn negative behaviours. In this lesson we learnt how this can create a chain of negativity and showed how positivity can break these chains.

In our science lessons we carried out an investigation into what independent variables we could change in order to affect the brightness of a bulb.

In our research about Christmas around the world, we discovered that during the 1930s in Mexico there was a belief that an ancient god, called Quetzacoatl, brought children presents. The deity resembled a feathered serpent. In our maths lesson we created our own Quetzacoatl using our knowledge of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents.

Autumn 1

Welcome back!

We are so happy to be returning to school and to be reuniting with all of our wonderful pupils. We have an exciting year planned for our year 5/6 class with many so many positive experiences and exciting new learning opportunities. Working together as a class we will achieve amazing things this year and be the very best version of ourselves. Helsinki class has had a great start to the term and we can't wait to carry on learning and improving.

Autumn 1 - World at War

In our English lessons, we have been looking at the text Rose Blanche. We made ourselves familiar with the text by memorizing it using drama and creating actions for the words. 

Our Science topic is Light. We were exploring how to show that light always travels in straight lines. We used card, blu-tac and torches to create a beam of light that would travel through the holes of each card when they were lined up in straight lines. One group managed to get their beam of light to travel straight through six pieces of card!

In DT we looked at bomb shelters, that were in use in the UK during World War Two - specifically, the Anderson shelter. We used a variety of different materials to create our own. Take a look at our efforts above!

We have been playing hockey in PE. We began by focusing on how we hold the hockey stick, moving onto dribbling, passing, controlling the ball then finally shooting and practise team games. Take a look at the pictures above, where we finished with full team competitive games.