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Year 5/6 - Helsinki Class

Autumn 1

Welcome back!

We are so happy to be returning to school and to be reuniting with all of our wonderful pupils. We have an exciting year planned for our year 5/6 class with many so many positive experiences and exciting new learning opportunities. Working together as a class we will achieve amazing things this year and be the very best version of ourselves. Helsinki class has had a great start to the term and we can't wait to carry on learning and improving.

Autumn 1 - World at War

In our English lessons, we have been looking at the text Rose Blanche. We made ourselves familiar with the text by memorizing it using drama and creating actions for the words. 

Our Science topic is Light. We were exploring how to show that light always travels in straight lines. We used card, blu-tac and torches to create a beam of light that would travel through the holes of each card when they were lined up in straight lines. One group managed to get their beam of light to travel straight through six pieces of card!