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Who's Who

Staffing List


Head Teacher:   Mrs Davies

Assistant Head Teachers:   Mrs Fallon, Mrs Wallace (Early Years Leader)

Middle Leaders:  


Mrs Burton - Grange: Inclusion manager       

Miss Stock (acting)Upper Key Stage 2 manager

Miss Preston (acting)Upper Key Stage 2 manager

Miss Meyer - KS 1 Manager

Mrs Ashby…………..Business manager and PA to Head Teacher



Reception Teachers:  Mrs Cole & Mrs Huq + Mrs Washbrook & Mrs Revers

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs Agbenorto + Mrs Yems & Mrs Wallace

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs Cole & Mrs Tikare + Miss Meyer

Year 3 Teachers: Mr Long & Mr Gibson

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs Davidson + Miss Preston

Year 5 Teachers: Mr Kolseth + Mrs Bond

Year 6 Teachers: Mrs Rooney+ Miss Stock


Support Teachers: Mrs Cole + Mrs Wayman


Maternity leave: Miss Skelding, Mrs Watson & Miss Phelps


Senior Learning Mentor: Ms Monroe

Learning Mentors: Miss Brown, Mr Richards


Network Manager: Mrs Johnson


Business Manager and PA to the Head Teacher: Mrs Ashby

Office Manager, H+S and Finance Officer: Ms Falconer

Administrative Assistant: Mrs Peel-Rainsbury


Caretaker: Mr Agugua

School Cleaners: Mrs Denney + Mrs Reihill + Miss Dannatt + Ms Emmanuel + Mr Agugua


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Aikon

Mrs Jolly

Ms Bussey

Ms Mansfield

Mrs Bussey

Miss Mortimer

Ms Dhiblawe

Mrs Potts

Miss Dishart

Miss Powell

Mrs Eromomsele

Mrs Preston

Mrs Gordon-Smith

Mrs Rounding

Mrs Haggerty

Miss Sugden

Mrs Higgins

Mrs Varty

Miss Jefferies



After-school Club Supervisors: Mrs Bussey & Ms Bussey

Senior Midday Supervisor: Miss Sugden

Midday Supervisors:



Ms Bussey

Mrs Bussey

Miss Dishart

Mrs Haggerty

Miss Jefferies

Ms Mansfield

Mrs Potts

mrs Powell

Mrs Rounding


Lunch-time Play Activities Supervisors:  Mrs Preston


Kitchen Supervisor: Mrs Reihill


Kitchen Support Staff: Miss Dannatt and Miss Ellingham


Pianist: Mrs Connor







Our current subject leadership teams are:


English: Miss C Coulson(overall)- KS HOD with responsibilities for their KS


Maths: Miss C Coulson(overall)- KS HOD with responsibilities for their KS


Science: Mrs E Wallace (overall) - KS HOD with responsibilities for their KS


Computing: Mrs L Johnson (hardware), Miss N Preston with Miss D Kangal. (curriculum)


PSHE & SMSC : (Miss Phelps on maternity) Miss J Brown, Mrs J Kangal and Mrs E Burton-Grange (On-line safety: MissJ Brown)


History: Mrs L Yems and Mrs D Cole


Geography: Mrs C Agbenorto


PE: Mr M Kolseth and Mrs J Washbrook


DT: (Miss L Howard on maternity) Mrs M Huq


Art: Mrs V Tikare and Mrs J Revers


MFL: Mrs M Bond


Music: Mr I Long and Mrs S Wayman


RE: Miss H Cole (shadow: Mr L Gibson)