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Who's Who

Jubilee Primary School

Staffing List


Principal:   Mrs Davies

Assistant Principal:  Mrs Wallace


Middle Leaders:

SENCO:  Mrs Fallon    

Mr Llewelyn Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and English Subject Leader

Miss Preston Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Computing Subject Leader

Miss Meyer - KS 1 and Early Years Phase Leader and Maths Subject Leader
Mr Kolseth- Raising Standards Leader and PE Subject Leader


Reception Teachers:  Mrs Washbrook & Mrs Revers

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs Huq & Mrs D Cole & Mrs Wallace

Year 2 Teachers: Mrs Watson & Mrs Tikare & Miss Meyer

Year 3 Teachers: Miss Skelding & Mrs Wayman & Mrs H Cole

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs Duff & Miss Preston

Year 5 Teachers: Mr Long & Miss Phelps

Year 6 Teachers: Mr Llewelyn & Mr Kolseth


HLTAs: Ms Sugden & Miss Dishart


Maternity leave: Miss Stock, Mrs Yems, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Gordon-Smith


Senior Learning Mentor: Ms Monroe

Learning Mentor: Miss Brown

Business Manager and PA to the Principal: Mrs Ashby

Office Manager, H+S and Finance Officer: Mrs Page

Administrative Assistant: Mrs Peel-Rainsbury


Caretaker: Mr Agugua

School Cleaners: Mrs Denney, Mrs Reihill, Miss Dannatt, Ms Emmanuel & Mr Agugua


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Aikon

Mrs Adom

Ms Bussey

Mrs Bussey

Ms Dhiblawe

Mrs Eromomsele

Miss Guy


Mrs Haggerty  

Mrs Higgins

Miss Horsfall


Miss Jefferies

Mrs Jolly

Ms Mansfield

Miss Mortimer

Mrs Preston

Mrs Rounding

Mrs Smith

Ms Tomlin

Mrs Varty


Rainbow Club Supervisors: Mrs Bussey & Ms Bussey


Midday Supervisors:

Ms Bussey

Mrs Bussey

Mrs Haggerty

Miss Jefferies

Miss Jobson

Miss Lovell

Ms Mansfield

Mrs Preston


Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs Rounding


Kitchen Supervisor: Mrs Reihill


Kitchen Support Staff: Miss Dannatt & Miss Ellingham


Pianist: Mrs Connor







Our current subject leadership teams are:


English: Mr Llewelyn (UKS2 leader)

Maths: Miss D Meyer (KS1 & EYFS leader)

Science: Miss K Skelding & Mrs S Wayman

Computing:  Miss N Preston (LKS2 leader)

PSHE & SMSC: Miss C  Phelps, Mrs Tikare & Miss J Brown,  (On-line safety: Miss J Brown)

History: Mrs L Yems (on maternity leave) & Mrs D Cole

Geography: Mrs J Duff

PE: Mr M Kolseth & Mrs J Washbrook

DT: Mrs L Watson

Art: Mrs J Revers

Music: Mr I Long

RE: Miss H Cole

EAL:  Mrs M Huq