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Equality at Jubilee - Our Unique Approach

Equality@Jubilee – Our Unique Approach


We understand the need for society to be free from inequality – for every individual to enjoy life without prejudice and discrimination.


We are proud to champion equality in our diverse and harmonious community that is Jubilee Primary School. To widen and deepen our children’s knowledge and understanding of equality is both our duty and our responsibility.


Knowledge and Skills 

It is vital that our children:

  • understand  equality
  • are knowledgeable and confident enough to recognise and challenge inequality
  • develop a natural aversion to stereotypical thinking and behaviour
  • are positive role models as they journey through life

To be able to look back at history from our 21st century perspective gives us a unique and invaluable insight. As such, we are in a position of great advantage to help our children see and understand how equality and inequality have existed across the world and throughout the ages up to present day.




We educate Jubilee children so that they can develop and justify their own informed opinions of the past and the future. We want our children to leave us with the knowledge and understanding needed to enable them to make the right choices as they grow older; to contribute towards the development of a society filled with equality of opportunity.


How? Our Model…


Our fully balanced approach ensures that in every topic, in every term, in every year group our children learn about the importance of equality in race and gender. Additional key equality foci are identified to be taught alongside the topic knowledge and skills.


As a school, we have identified NINE equality foci which the children explore, appreciate and learn about:

  • race
  • gender
  • disability
  • human rights
  • children’s rights
  • animal rights
  • rights of the planet
  • individual difference
  • mental health


Jubilee Equality Progression Map


In order to ensure all our equality foci are addressed frequently, consistently and progressively across the school, we have created a whole school map that plots the equality foci in each year group.


The FIVE Jubilee Keys for Life


Our equality plan fits in beautifully with our 5 Jubilee Keys for Life – we want children to leave us with an understanding of the importance of being:


We want Jubilee children to enter the world of adulthood as confident individuals who are able to embrace change, appreciate difference and be clear in their own minds as to who they are – they will be the very best version of themselves.