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A huge, warm welcome to Jubilee Primary School – we are a large, vibrant and very exciting school in which our children thrive! At Jubilee, we place the children at the centre of everything we do to ensure they flourish in a happy, safe and secure environment.


Our main aim is to enthuse children to learn in a safe and happy environment which enriches them with a thirst for knowledge. In unity, we provide a dynamic, diverse and innovative approach through which we guide them along their path towards becoming fulfilled citizens of the future.


Jubilee's Values and Beliefs

Values are about principles or moral standards which we accept and judge as valuable or important in life.

Values reflect the way we do things – they are lived out and modelled by all our staff.

When we feel sure of the worth of something – that is a belief



And welcome everybody to our wonderful new website - we hope you will enjoy your visit! We have injected a little of our ethos, vision, beliefs and values into the site, giving you a taster of life at Jubilee!

The site also provides up-to-date information for parents, carers, pupils and the wider community – watch closely as our newest development continues to grow further. In the meantime, we do hope you find the information you are looking for.

Of course, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.