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Year 2 - Melbourne Class



Welcome to Melbourne Class. 


We are looking forward to know each of you and engaging  in the many things we will be learning through out the year.


Our new topic for Term1 will be : The Circus is Coming to Town!


This is our class page where we share different pieces of our work and achievement in the different subjects that we do.  


Welcome to Year 2  and your  final year in ks1!


Mrs. Wint-Wilson and Mrs. Higgins




Spelling and Times tables Practice:


Every week we practise our times tables and our Year Two Common Exceptional words. We try to improve on our last score each week.

Topic Brainstorm:

Homework Menu:

Topic Letters

Summer 1  


In Physical Education, we have beeen exploring some of the key skills for becoming inspirational and incredible tennis players.


 In Science, we worked in our teams, combining our ICT photography and Scientific  observational skills to explore the types of insects and other possible organisms that we might find around our school. Then, we presented our findings has slides to our classmates.


Term 3


This term, we were able to have some of our lessons  outside of our classroom. In our math topic measurement, explored capacity and volume . Discussing the mean of the mathematical terms capacity and volume and  practised reading the volume of liquids. The children enjoyed the amazing outdoor facilities has they worked in teams,taking turns to pour and read the scales to tell the volume of liquid in the measuring cylinders and beakers.


Here  are some photos from a session:

In English this term, we have been reading and exploring traditional tales. The children learned that a 'traditional tale' is a folk tale or fairy story ,which has been passed down for many generations and is well known in a particular culture. We read and discussed the language  and features of some well known traditional tales. We focused our writing on the traditional tale ,'Sleeping Beauty' written by the British author Sarah Gibbs. 

Here we are in  freeze frame positions while the annoyed, evil fairy presents her gifts to Princess Rosebud. 

Our freeze frames:

In PE this term our focus has been movement through dancing. We discussed and all agree that dancing has lots of benefits including helping us with our coordination and flexibility. It also helps us to improve our balance, spatial awareness,confidence and relaxes our minds.


In our Math lessons we enjoy working in pairs and using resources to support our learning. 


In our Science lessons we have been exploring different types of everyday materials. Here the children are working in groups to identify different objects on our playground that are made of wood . They discussed why wood might the suitability  for making these objects.