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The 5 Jubilee Keys for Life

The Five Jubilee Keys for Life


As a staff, we are united in our wish  for every Jubilee child to be:

             Happy, healthy, safe

We launched our 5 Jubilee Keys in autumn term 2019. As the children develop their understanding of the Keys, they are supported to become the very best version of themselves.


We explore the meaning of the 5 Keys through our varied and innovative topics, matching the most appropriate Key to the topic. For example, our Year 5/6 topic 'Great Memories, Bright Future' focuses upon 2 Keys: to be aspirational and eco-friendly.


We are also able to explore our 5 Keys through our equality plan, for example, our Reception topic 'Dare to be Different' focuses upon all 9 of our equality foci which supports our children's understanding of our tolerance Key.


We want our children to leave us with an established set of attitudes and knowledge that will help them live a happy and fulfilling life.