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Welcome to Year 1! 

We hope you had a really fantastic holiday and are looking forward to the new adventures we will have together as the Berlin Team. Throughout the year, we will be learning a lot of new things and will be having lots of fun together. We know you will impress us with your outstanding attitudes to learning this year. This is our class page where we will post different pieces of your work/achievements from lots of different subjects. When you feel proud of something, please let us know, so that we can post it onto our page. Remember to keep visiting throughout the year to explore some of the hard work that you have completed. On our page, you can also see what we are going to be learning about in our topic brainstorm. Keep looking at this page at home, so if you would like to, you will also be able to share your learning with your grown-ups. 

Welcome to your Year 1 journey!

Mrs Cole, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Everett and Mrs Bussey

Summer 2 - I do like to be beside the seaside!

In Design Technology, we have been learning that there are different types of puppets - finger puppets, hand puppets, glove puppets, rod and arm puppets, stick puppets and marionettes. We then set about designing our own sock puppet, thinking about materials we would like to use and the features we would like to add. Once our designs were complete, we had great fun making them!

In science, we have been learning about trees and the importance of the leaves. To explore leaves further, we went outside in the school grounds to look at different trees and how their leaves differ. We then tried to identify the tree by looking at the leaves and matching them to our 'leaf chart'.

In maths we have been learning about money. To help us learn the names of the coins, how to add amounts of money and how to give change, we have great fun opening our own Berlin Class sweet shop!

Summer 1 - I do like to be beside the seaside!


In science, we have been busy working on our topic - 'materials and their properties' and have been finding out about what different objects are made of. We have been exploring the properties of materials and have been carrying out our own scientific investigations. One of our investigations was to find out which paper is the the best for soaking up water.  We have been learning scientific vocabulary and found out that when something is good at soaking up water, it is absorbent.  We had great fun carrying out our experiment, but first, like scientists, we made a prediction and then put our prediction to the test! 

In English, we have been learning about non-fiction texts. We have found out that a non-fiction text explains and teaches, it gives facts and is not a story. We have explored non-fiction texts and have found out that they have special features - a contents page, real pictures/photographs, captions, headings, sub-headings, a glossary and an index. We thought about things that we were interested in and then set about creating our own non-fiction texts. We really enjoyed working as part of a team to create a non-fiction book.

In music, we have been listening to a piece of music from 'The Carnival of the Animals' - 'Aquarium', written by the composer Camille Saint-Saens. We then became composers, exploring the sounds of different instruments to create the sounds of the ocean and the different sea creatures in it.

In PE we are enjoying having Coach Rachel to support us. On a rainy day, we consolidate what we have learnt previously in gymnastics. These are some of our moves!

Spring 2 - Vroom Vroom

As the weather has been getting warmer and the days have been staying lighter for longer, in science, we have thinking about the season of Spring and observing the changes we can see from Winter. We enjoyed exploring outdoors to find the signs that Spring has finally arrived. 

Continuing with the Spring theme, we have been thinking about animals that are born in the Spring and have been extremely 'eggcited' by the arrival of 'eggs' to Jubilee. We have been able to closely observe the eggs in the incubator, noticing the tiny cracks in the shell and then the chicks hatching. Whilst this has supported our learning about lifecycles and has helped us to develop our scientific observation skills, the best bit has been stroking and holding the lovely fluffy chicks.

In maths we have been measuring - both in non-standard units, using our hands, paper clips and string and in standard units, using rulers and tape measures to measure in centimeters (cm). As well as measuring the length, height and width of objects in our classrooms, we have also been measuring our body parts.

Spring 1 - Vroom Vroom

Spring is now approaching at long last and some signs can be seen with crocuses appearing and the days staying lighter for longer. Our science topic for this term is 'Plants' and we are learning about different types of plants, including trees, garden plants, wild flowering plants, shrubs and grass. In science we have been conducting our own experiment to find out where cress seeds grow best. Like scientists, we made a prediction first to say whether the seeds would grow best on the window sill (watered and not watered), in the cupboard (watered and not watered) and outside (watered and not watered). Through our observations, we can see that the seeds on the window sill that are watered are growing best. We also planted our own cress seeds and have placed these on the window sill.

This term we have been visited by the Cats Protection League and learnt all about how to take good care of a cat, what a cat needs for a healthy lifestyle and how to make a welcoming home for a new cat.  Some things we learnt surprised us, such as milk not being good for a cat and that clean and fresh water should be provided. We were also able to link what we learnt to our 'Equality at Jubilee', particularly thinking in general about 'animal rights'.

In English, we have really been enjoying reading a folk tale from India - 'No Dinner' by Jessica Souhami. We used this story as a base for our own story writing, but before we even started on the writing, we got to know the story well through joining in with the repetitive phrases and through acting out a part of the story.  

Autumn 2 - Me, Myself and I

Autumn term has gone so quickly and we have enjoyed a range of activities. At the moment we are full of Christmas cheer and can't wait for the holidays. We hope you enjoyed our lovely Christmas performance and we wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

In computing, we have been thinking about greeting cards and the messages they contain. Our aim is to make a greeting card for Christmas. First, we had to start by developing our typing skills and learning about the 'home row' on the keyboard. To do this we used a programme called 'BBC Dance Mat' and were shown where to place our fingers and how to use the space bar. If you have a computer, you can have a practise at home. It was good fun.

In Design Technology, we have been thinking about the principles of safety when preparing food and have also thought about healthy foods to eat. We then began to plan our cold dish - a salad, or a fruit salad, and once our plan was complete - including outlining the fruit and salad we would need and the utensils required for the job, we made our cold dish and very much enjoyed the eating part.

In PE, we have continued our gymnastic work. This has involved us developing our skills in different ways of travelling, including running in different directions, galloping, skipping, hopping, sidesteps, tiptoeing, jumping, landing safely and rolling into different shapes. The part we enjoyed the most was using the apparatus to climb.  

Autumn 1 - Me, Myself and I

In English we have been learning about the features of instructions. We have learnt that instructions are bossy, they tell us what to do and have to be followed in a sequenced order. They also contain words known as 'time conjunctions' - 'first, next, then, after that and finally'. We used time conjunctions to give our friends a set of instructions to make a fruit face. As you can see, we listened well to the instructions given and here are our results. The best part was when we finally got to eat the fruit! 

In RSHE, we have been exploring what makes a good friend? We all agreed that a good friend is kind, helps us, plays with us and makes us laugh. We then thought about whether friends always have the same opinion? We agreed that people have different opinions and this is okay as this makes us individual, special and unique! To explore how to share different opinions respectfully, we carried out some role play to practice staying calm, listening carefully to the other point of view, looking for parts to agree on and explaining our feelings. We found we can be tolerant of others, linking to one of our Jubilee five keys!

Our PE focus for this term is gymnastics. We have been playing lots of games to help us with our co-ordination and spatial awareness and we have also been developing skills in balancing, rolling, skipping, jumping and making different shapes with our body. We enjoyed bunny hopping across a bench the best!

In science, we have been learning about our five senses - sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell.  To focus on these senses, we have looked at bottles with objects hidden in them to see what we can see, we have used feely boxes to touch a range of materials, we have tasted different foods with blindfolds on and tried to guess the food, describing sweet, or sour, we have stood very silently in the playground with our eyes closed to identify different sounds and we have smelled a variety of foods and liquids with blindfolds on and tried to guess the smell. We have also thought about people who do not have all their senses and linked this to equality, giving thought to how they can be supported.